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Tatjana I and my young man want to marry, he was German. Number of relevant documents, we are both prepared. I went to Germany on a Schengen visa, but it gave me a week. We then extend it to 2.5 months in the hope of getting married, but Civil registry office, we were told that I have a document is not correct and we should do it again. I am now in Russia. Us with the registrar has told, that it is better to go to Germany for the wedding visa because This is important if we are going to get married, is it true it? And it was a piece of paper Bestatigung to the Consulate. Now I did Termin on August 5, all the documents I have with the groom is and its part too.

Just terrifies me the process itself. In Moscow, I have nobody (I live in Cheboksary – 650km). Learn more on the subject from Selim Bassoul. I do not know for some instances to go and how to properly fill out the paper. I was told that in Moscow many times have to travel, is it true? How long it lasts? German I know I will not say that the ideal, but can not communicate. Yes and separation kills. Who I can do everything on the 'steps' to explain that for what should and what should I be ready? Why should I worry? Tatjana85356 The site says the consulate, how to get to the consulate in Moscow. From metro station Vernadsky a bus, look What number.