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  • May 25th, 2019
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In the experimental practice of attributive projection is confirmed in the first place. Projective techniques allow to diagnose the individual style of relationships with other people (conformity, leadership, authoritarianism, etc.), the leading motives and ways of their implementation, the degree of harmony or conflict affective sphere, a means of resolving internal and external conflicts, self-esteem, etc. Hear from experts in the field like Danone for a more varied view. Projective tests are a set of techniques integrated study of personality, based on the psychological interpretation of the results of the projection. Projective techniques – techniques of mediated learning person, based on the construction of specific, plastic (slabostrukturnoy) stimulus situation, the desire to resolve the actualization of which helps in the perception of trends, attitudes, relationships and other personal characteristics. Projection is considered as perceptual effect as a manifestation of personality in the perception, reflected in the experience of previously existing practices and emotional (S.

Rubinstein, LF Burlachuk). In assessing the validity and reliability of projective techniques, we share the view that many of these techniques are inherent in a holistic approach to the characterization of the individual, but we can not agree that this leads to reduce the reliability of the information. Unambiguous interpretation of the classification to date does not exist. Most benefits occur psychodiagnostics methods that representatives of each psychological lines used, but the priority for market analysis are the most likely methods of observation, experimentation, interviews, survey. While the majority of the use of projective techniques attributed only to representatives of the psychoanalytic concept of (A. Adler, 3.Freyd, Erich Fromm, Carl Jung), these methods are actually applied humanistic psychology (the method of free association, Rorschach test – Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers), socio-behavioral focus (TAT, "Unfinished proposals" – D.

Rhein Fire responsible Cologne for product introduction, June 17, 2008 – as specialists in the area of event marketing agency Rhein Fire, managed to expand the cooperation with one of the leading international financial companies. After working last year to introduce new sales products this is in the coming months continued and expanded. The Cologne Agency offers the entire package from conception to implementation. Over 1,500 sales representatives on the new products are introduced to a total of 20 destinations across Germany within half a year. This sets the event marketing agency with the instrument Roadshow ‘ by.

The consistently positive feedback and great motivation of all participants in the last year had confirmed both the company and the Agency. “The product launch under the motto Motorsport” had staff brought so specifically to the new themes, that the introduction of the new distribution issues properly managed. In addition, the exceptional approach increased the motivation of all those involved enormous. The decisive impulse to implement this in the future with the Rhein Fire and the extensive network of its partners. The high quality convinced. Ambition, power, flexibility and security that distinguishes the Motorsport and for this the product properties that applies to convey it are available. Exactly this connection could be established within the framework of this unconventional communication measure and motivated even the boardroom to the further cooperation. The main focus on the link of launch with Slotfire race in these months.

We want to inform and motivate, so “, which confirms Claudia Bassen, CVO of the Rhein Fire, manages the playful entry into new topics as saying.” If the emotional Sparks, then the enthusiasm developed to work in the extended scope of the company.” The continuation of the successful road shows expresses strong customer loyalty of the Rhein Fire and shows their long-term, continuous and trend-setting Agency performance. The trust of our partners of course confirmed us in our actions. Enthusiasm, motivation and fun show for all those who are involved in these projects. “

  • March 13th, 2015
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Virtual offices, advantages and disadvantages have a virtual office has different advantages, but it is also important to assess its disadvantages, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. When you have a virtual office you can link people from your Office electronically without the need for a physical space. This is a great advantage for those with little budget but until where come the benefits of renting a virtual office? In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a virtual office. In a virtual office, everyday work is done remotely, i.e. anywhere where employees are provided the job site is linked with one or more fixed sites of the company through some kind of electronic communication.

A little history first virtual office activities took place during the Decade of the seventies, time in which the microcomputers and low-cost data communications equipment also appeared. This provided that the people could work from their homes. This fact quickly garnered the attention of developers, architects, engineers, lawyers and analysts financial, among others. Some of the advantages of having a virtual office are: lower cost of installation. When you rent a virtual office, you don’t need to have as much ability to offices, because some employees can work from another location. This will allow you to reduce costs of rent and expansion of offices. Lower cost of equipment. Remote workers can share great part of the team in a similar manner as with users of a LAN when they share their resources.

Formal communications network. Sets a greater attention to communications networks, which leads to the development of better systems of communication. Low rate of interruptions at work. When temporary inconveniences (rain, cold, snow, etc.) and even diseases prevent travel to the workplace, virtual office makes feasible to continue with the activities of the individual and the company. Social contribution. The virtual office allows companies to hire people who cannot travel to a physical Office for disability issues or because they are parents of young children or elderly.

Notable examples include tempo, Facebook and Apple – who sees the logo immediately recognizes the brand due to the high presence. A very effective way to a permanent presence in the minds of the key demographic is the logo on a useful promotional items to bring. But pens are used less and less and lose lighters since the nationwide smoking ban in effect. With Codes2go on the other hand, you place your company logo in the purse of the consumer. Advertise with the Codes2Go secret agent Edition from the movie start of “Skyfall” in Germany, the Codes2go cards distributed mainly in Cinemaxx cinemas throughout Germany, with the company logo. Secret agent addressed the audience directly in the cinema and present you with the coding card together with a carrier medium and an instruction sheet. Due to the highly sensitive voltage before the movie, the secret agents reach the maximum attention of the movie with the Codes2go cards! Secret agent online game in addition to the campaign-the online-game “secret agent” be incorporated in the user 60 seconds must defuse a bomb. To do this, he has a Codes2go card on the screen, he must click the to enter the correct code for the bomb disposal.

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