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It seems, Method of Defiance is a ‘musical, acoustic, aesthetic, spiritual and bodily experience, in overnight in an orderly, spontaneous, clear, casual and provocative, beautiful and above all, unforgivable. ” This is, perhaps, one-piece musical aesthetics Bill Laswell: boundless, irresistible onslaught, which, like all the best in jazz (electro-jazz, etc.), comes from the place where his spirit and heart have taken us away. Sometimes it gets in any genre classification. But even if you fall, it does not stay there long. Sometimes there is a melody, sometimes – the rhythm. But life is never always melodic or rhythmic, as there is no such Bill Laswell music. MOD was created to be the opposition, the antidote ‘music business’, which defines the development trends and produces only most profitable product.

This project is designed to be volatile, and if tied to something, then not for long. An obvious landmark is the ‘dab’ music, which has long been Laswell showed love and affection. But in the MOD has in abundance jazz, funk, rock, avant-garde and other genres easily distinguishable, can grab the attention of the audience.

Euro dance hit! The piece is really bold work anyway at any party! For many years owned CJ bomb to the most successful DJs and remixers in the international dance music business and made himself not only with mixes for acts such as Miko (Hollywood Music Awards), Stella Jones, Norman bass, DJ Shah, and DJ Housemax, Club 69 (Grammy), DJ Doozer, one DJ Palermo, Kiriman (to only a few to ELCA) big names. Repeatedly published CJ bomb but also even very successful discs and thus ended up mostly very promt-on high rankings in all relevant dance charts. Currently the creative DJ from Mallorca entertains once again stir, because his new single “Rhythm Of Love” promises to be the overachiever par excellence! A bit of “Hands Up”, a little house and to an insanely strong chorus, which somewhat reminiscent of a mix that leaves no dance floor empty euro dance hits of the 90s revealed! “Rhythm Of Love” is also already on various compilations and of course also online not only as a single buyable. In all download stores, there is the hot blast of dance namely also on various online samplers, but also as a single. Here you can see “Rhythm Of Love” as a video and to review and comment on. Can you say probably already, summarized that CJ bomb with “Rhythm Of Love” in black has taken..