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  • January 23rd, 2019
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In addition, to being a system so easy to manage and adapt to the needs of each group of pupils, it allows teachers to establish a relationship with the student based on learning by discovery, where the educator becomes mediator between the contents that the student must acquire and the same student, turning it into protagonist of their own learning. Among the many advantages that presents Moodle, most of its users is the following: – allows to place varied resources to form a unit of content – it can be an endless number of activities that can be integrated into the application. -Tasks are evaluated according to varying criteria of evaluation. -Integrates into a single screen full information in a useful and personalized manner. -Provides comprehensive information of the activity of each student and allows the analysis of the information and download of the same sheet of text document or spreadsheet. -Allows an approach to the topics from many approaches, with multiple and varied activities that bring into play various abilities (analysis, search and selection of information, development of critical information). -The motivation of students is excellent.

-Allows each student to have their own work pace. -Students become quickly familiar with the platform environment. -The assessment is continuous and permanent: everything is said by everyone and is evaluated. -The teacher gives continuous feedback and student demand this activity. It follows from the foregoing that Moodle is revealed as a pedagogical tool indispensable for those teachers that are committed to meaningful and collaborative learning as a basis for the learning process to be carried out in different educational institutions. Best regards, Jenny Guerra Hernandez original author and source of the article.

Kept away from the highs reached 374 basis points Tuesday. If you have read about Sonny Perdue already – you may have come to the same conclusion. All European stock markets have closed the day with gains. The Ibex-35 ended in positive with a rise of 0.66% touching 10,000 points. The risk premium on Spain has lived a new seesaw this Wednesday in the markets. He began reaching 322 points and eventually closed down with 307. The differential with the German bond is still affected by the reduction applied to Ireland by Moody s, but remains far from the highs achieved in Eve, above the 374 basis points. After rising on Tuesday until its all-time high since the introduction of the single European currency, the risk premium of Spain, which is measured with the differential between ten-year national bond and the German of the same term, considered the safest in Europe, began the session by 319 basis points and reached up to 322.

Throughout the day relaxing until a minimum daily of 293 basis points, which played to the 12.02 hours. Subsequently, He returned to climb up 315 points to close the day at 307 finally. Therefore, it is a decrease moderate from 314 in which ended Tuesday. The profitability of the Spanish bond to ten years stays at 5,822%, compared to 5,854% Tuesday, while the German rose to 2,748%. The bags also climbing equities markets moved upward and seemed to ignore the new rebate applied to Ireland by Moody s Agency. With regard to the main European stock markets, the Ibex-35 ended in positive with a rise of 0.66% touching 10,000 points, while the Paris CAC won 0.50% and the FTSE in London, 0.64%. Stock market indices in Frankfurt and Milan closed with advances of 1.31% and 1.79%, respectively. However, the reluctance expressed by Germany on new measures of aid to Greece pressed upward the profitability of bonds of peripheral countries. The risk premium on Greece widely surpassed average session the 1,400 basic points of Portugal He rubbed the 1,000 and that of Ireland spent 1,100, whereas that of Italy dated back up 287 basis points. Source of the news: the risk premium on Spain stays in 307 basis points

  • February 03rd, 2017
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We must bear in mind that we are responsible for how are our interpersonal relationships. Logically that there are external factors that influence the quality of our relationships with other people but we must be aware that we do with our character and attitude that those relationships are favourable. All our actions must bear in mind that essential legacy we have inherited from our Western Christian culture which has been called the golden rule of human coexistence: do to others what you want us to do and not do to others what we would not like that they make us. It is very important that at all times we recognise and appreciate the dignity of the other person and to treat it well we will get a good deal in reciprocity and thus our relationship will be beneficial to both. Also bearing in mind that we must give more and expect less. To have good relations must persist in being kind in dealing with other people, not expecting anything in return and do not allow what you say or do the other person affects us. We are those who have control over our attitude and our reactions. Of course, this is easier said that doing so but we have to be aware which depends only on us relationships with other people to be effective and mutually beneficial.

100% Of the responsibility is ours. Logically, there are certain circumstances (which hopefully are minimal) when described above does not work or does not apply. Was I could cite, as an example, when the other person’s behavior is intolerable such as acts against the ethics or morality. Depending on the situation, in certain cases, it would be better not to have relations with that person because of its toxic effects. Friendship is one of the relationships that we foster and encourage. Friendship is pure and selfless, personal affection shared with another person, who is born and strengthens with the treatment. Friendship, that occurs at different stages of life, is one of the most common interpersonal relationships we have.

Friendship is born when you have something in common with another person. One of the most beautiful relations of friendship is with those with those who have shared is time and experiences during the school years, the years of academic or professional training in any Institute or centre of learning, in some work in particular or when carried out something that is common to both. Many times they may have spent many years between one meeting and another, but when the occasion presents itself immediately rekindles that noble sentiment. Now, thanks to the great advances in Internet it is possible to resume contact with friends no matter where they are and the Exchange is very fast. Friendship is a value that we must care for and since it is very important for our development, our stability as well as to improve our society. True friendship is a selfless relationship where there is trust, mutual respect, generosity, loyalty, sincerity, loyalty, understanding, honesty and affection which are values that allow us to autorrealizarnos, to develop our potential, to live life to the fullest and be happy. In summary, the relationships we have and We maintain with other people are crucial for the success and happiness.

The ancient building, which has never been open to the public, is the most popular monument of Saqara, the great necropolis of what was the city of Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt. Responsible for the restoration project, the archaeologist Samir Abdel Rauf, warned in statements to the Egyptian press that the suspension of work can result in loosening of the roofing of the pyramid blocks. He said that those stones were fixed on a temporary basis with the use of air pillows (brackets), and that requires a follow-up that there is a sudden drop, since the State of the pyramid before the start of the restoration was lousy. He also recalled the team of experts responsible for the rehabilitation of the Tomb worked under very harsh and dangerous, circumstances because they ran a serious risk of a block fell on them. For its part, the architectural plan and teacher supervisor of the University of Cairo, Hasan Fahmi, considered that the rescue of the step pyramid is a national project, by revenue from tourist visits to the place left in the Treasury.

The deterioration of the monument was due to climatic ctos, of environment and groundwater, as well as other human activities also have damaged it. Explosions in military camps and near Saqara quarries also contributed to mudslides in the pyramid, like previous restorations made without accurate studies, said Fahmi. The j of Egyptian antiquities, who replaced only a few weeks ago the controversial Zahi Hawass leading this key Department, concluded that the preservation of the archaeological monuments is the main priority of your institution. We will work vigorously to have the financial resources, despite the economic circumstances that we are going through. We do not want that the world and history judge us someday as negligent in the restoration of this ancient pyramid, said Abdel Maqsud. Source of the news: the lack of tourists is endangering the pyramid of Djoser, the oldest

A single point separates Sebastian Vettel of his second world title. His uncontested victory in the Grand Prix of Singapore places him in an excellent position to become champion in Japan, to five runs for the conclusion of the course. The German, 24 years old, has no rival. This season he has won nine victories in 14 races that are contested, which allows you to submit a record of 19 WINS. If last year became world champion thanks to a Carom in the final race, enhanced by a strategic mistake of Ferrari and Alonso, this time its title is unquestioned.

His mastery of the world has been impressive. And a new episode of this superiority lived in Singapore. Vettel was input and nobody could follow him. Jenson Button finished second, Mark Webber, third and Fernando Alonso, fourth. The British is the only one who holds title options – is 124 points behind Vettel and at stake are 125-, others have lost them. Source of the news:: Vettel, to a point of the title

Thermometers will experience increases both Saturday as Sunday. The little clear or cloudy skies will prevail. The wind will blow strong in the Strait. A very warm, from the North of Africa air mass will cause a wave of heat in all Spain during this weekend and early next week, when they will achieve and even surpass 40 degrees Celsius, according to the Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia (AEMET). Thus, AEMET, Angel Rivera, spokesman explained that heat wave coupled with a large anticyclonic Ridge height will result in clear skies and long solar heating and will go across the Peninsula from Saturday to Monday. As indicated above, this situation will affect, above all, the peninsular West, downtown, the Valley of the Ebro and the Eastern Cantabrian and that will extend from the Friday afternoon starting from the west peninsular until Monday afternoon, when the arrival of an air fresher is expected from the Northwest. On Tuesday, this decline is It will extend to the other areas. Specifically, he pointed out that this very warm air mass will lead to a general and gradual rise of temperatures, with more intense hikes in the northern half and particularly in the Northwest and some children in the South and Mediterranean coast.

Thus, noted on Saturday is expected to reach temperatures of between 36 and 39 degrees Celsius in the interior of Galicia, West of Castilla y Leon and in the valleys of the Tagus, the Guadiana and the Guadalquivir. He has also added that thermometers will continue climbing on Sunday, either light or moderate (2 to 6 degrees Celsius in the northern half) and a slight (2 degrees Celsius) in the rest of the zones, reaching 38 or 40 degrees Celsius in many parts of the Western half of the country. Rivera has warned that even will be overcome locally 40 centigrade degrees in the interior of Galicia, especially in Ourense, and in the valleys of the Guadiana and the Guadalquivir. In Castilla y Leon is they will reach or exceed 36 C in the rest of Castilla y Leon, the Ebro Valley and Eastern Cantabrian. High temperatures until Monday on Monday kept the temperatures with few changes and a notable decrease in the Northwest and Cantabrian area will start from Tuesday 28 and moderate in the rest of the Western third that will be extended to the rest of the northern half and Centre Wednesday 29. In this context, Rivera points to a very high index of ultraviolet radiation (UVI) will be reached that is expected to reach or even exceed values of 11 in vast areas of the country. Already on Monday, temperatures will remain with a few changes but the 28 Tuesday will begin a very noticeable decline in thermometers, especially in the Northwest and area Cantabrica and moderate in the rest of the Western third. This falling temperatures will extend to the rest of the northern half and the downtown area on Wednesday, June 29. Source of the news: A heat wave will raise temperatures up to 40 degrees centigrade this weekend

his critical ability to knowledge itself at all times. (3) Another very serious injury against the autonomy of the new Education Act, is contained in paragraph 3 of the aforementioned article 34. which specifies in relation to the choice of the University authorities the following: choose and appoint their authorities based on participatory democracy, leading role and mandate revocable, to the full exercise and in equality of conditions of the political rights of the people of the University community: teachers, professors, students, administrative staff, workers, graduates and egresadas workers. A Council should be elected Comptroller consisting of the members of the University community.In effect, the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in its article 109, defined the University community when he says: the State will recognize University autonomy as a principle and hierarchy that allows teachers, professors, students, estudiantas, graduates and graduates of their community, devote to the pursuit of knowledge through scientific, technological and humanistic research, for spiritual benefit and material of the nation… This constitutional provision sought to be modified in the reform of our Magna Carta, submitted for consideration by the people of Venezuela on December 2 for the year 2007. The reform Article 109 which was presented to the nation was as follows: the law shall ensure the joint vote of students and the students, teachers and professors, workers and University workers to elect authorities; He will consecrate the right of suffrage to all the teachers who have entered for competition, from the rank of instructor or instructor up to holder and establish the standards for University elections are decided in a single round. The reform in its entirety was denied on December 2 of the year 2007 by the people and therefore as such reform was rejected, is necessary to continue to apply article 109 of the Constitution and the University community will be integrated in the manner provided in this rule because one through an organic law can not modify the text of a constitutional provision.Therefore, when the National Assembly placed them in the new organic law of education not only is in contravention of the vote popular, what constitutes a sign of barbarism and thus, reprehensible and immoral action, but that such action is also absolutely unconstitutional.