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The rains have been present this Saturday in several areas of Spain. The storm will give way to a new rise in thermometers. Only the Cantabrian area, Balearic Islands and Catalonia recorded any precipitation this Sunday. Galicia recorded decreases in temperatures in areas where the front has passed. Temperatures will again go up practically in the whole Peninsula, although rains have been present this Saturday in some areas of Spain, mainly in the eastern half and the Balearic Islands, due to a storm.

As explained the spokesperson of the Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia (AEMET), Lola Olmeda, this Saturday a storm has shifted to the Mediterranean resulting in storms and showers. On the contrary, since this Sunday time greatly improves and thermometers will again climb on almost all Spain. Sunday comes the improvement on the other hand, Sunday will bring an improvement in all Spain that will only be affected in the Cantabrian area, where the front It began on Saturday will cause weak rainfall throughout the day. In addition, the storm will not leave Balearic Islands and Catalonia until this Sunday, which will cause any storm or strong downpour. In the rest of the Peninsula will have clear skies. Also, regarding the temperatures will drop in the area of the front that passed through Galicia, Cantabrian current, although they will rise in the rest of Spain. Source of the news: the temperatures climb after rain on Saturday again

In the remainder of the year, volumes registrations do not improve, while statistical cto in comparison with the same month of last year to bring any positive result. Private channel still shows a very negative, already 14 months of consecutive falls behavior. The descent of this channel already collects 41.2% drop, with 257.361 registrations from January to August. In the month, individuals have been enrolled 6 percent less, with a volume of 26.736 units. If this comparison conducted it to the same period of 2007, the immediately previous financial year before the crisis, the fall of individuals goes up to 60%.

In August, the companies channel registrations have reached 18.224 units, an increase of 30.4%, keeping an increase in the cumulative period of 6.5% and a total of 183.065 units. Rent channel shows in the month an increase of 4.9%, with a volume of 2.264 units, while in the January-August period, the charterers reflect a total enrollment of 127.928 units, an increase of 5.5%. Luis Valero, director general of Anfac, says this situation that the market for passenger cars in Spain followed with a strong atony and stresses that trafficking in public at dealers during the month of August has been practically non-existent, which gives an idea of the seriousness in which the sale of automobiles, one of the main indicators of consumption is.For what is left of the year are not too optimistic, because we don’t see any economic signs of recovery that allows glimpse a real improvement in volumes of registrations, add Valero. According to the President of Ganvam, Juan Antonio Sanchez Torres, is today more than ever required the implementation of a plan of scrapping which take step to a real recovery of registrations and contributes to renew vehicle park, since passenger cars of more than ten years are 42.5 per cent of the total, according to their data. Source of the news: car sales rise for the first time in 14 months

It is easy to see him smile. Although this Thursday, in San Marino, near home, where he announced that it will leave the bikes when you finish the Championship, his sympathy joined you certain air of nostalgia. Loris Capirossi (38 years; Bologna, Italy) says goodbye: this will be my last Grand Prix in Italy and Valencia will be the last of my career, it was announced. It has been left at the gates of the hundred of podiums, but he does so much that it became stalled at number 99 – his locker is empty since mid-2008 and its best position this year was a ninth in Catalonia, which has taken the most difficult decision of his career after 324 Grands Prix and 29 victories in 22 seasons. Capirossi, three times world champion (two in 125cc, in 1990 and 1991; and 250cc in 1998), still hold the honor of being the youngest driver to win a title. He did so at 17 years old. Today is MotoGP veteran. Source of the news:: the grandfather of MotoGP announces his goodbye.