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It would be certain to cultivate what the life has of better, that it is the love. The best emotion that one to be can feel, but unhappyly it is not present in all the places, it he is not present in all the hearts, and when he is, it goes even so so fast Nor all have the sentiz capacity it, nor all are strong the sufficient to support a so strong and deep emotion, that hurts in them to each moment The people do not feel not even its proper hearts, are guided by the hatred and revenge in its veins. Get more background information with materials from Rahul Singhvi. They are indifferent, they think only about its proper well-being, do not know to use to advantage the only privilege of the life. They also change back its proper hearts and of the others. I feel myself unsafe, forsaken, with distrust of all to my redor It close the eyes, therefore I do not want to enxergar as much present blackness Yes, to close the eyes and to deceive me, exempting me of the solitude that if becomes gift each day. To deceive me To think that she always has a possibility, exactly knowing that not it has, to believe that everything can move. it is the shelter of the tdio.

To leave stops backwards all the sadness and waiting a better world. To love and to be loved are euphoric, are the salvation of everything, any problem. But unhappyly nothing it is forever, and the never hard love is insuportvel to have that to pull out all this euphoria of our chest, to pull out all this light that illuminates our blackout, to pull out that spontaneous smile of our face But one day they are pulled out, wanting or not. The love can not finish for you, but it finishes for the other people’s one It goes itself pulling out everything of good that he remains in them. And we can characterize the love with some words, or synonymous, but I do not know, beyond sentiz it, and to use to advantage it the maximum while it to exist.