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God’s chosen people determines our crops sustainably. The smallest Western religion is considered for historical reasons, especially in Germany with particular caution. A brief description of the main rules of Judaism will show that historically the following Christianity and Islam here derive his daily religious practice. In Europe, we speak of a Judeo Christian Western culture. Islam has contributed much later, some practical achievements but hardly sound philosophies.

Arabian religions, chronological summary (extract): The Egyptian religion is a past religion with many gods, which has left its undeniable influence on today’s cultures and religions. Judaism is based on the belief in one God, freed the people of Israel from Egyptian bondage. At Mount Sinai, the Israelites of God have received bids. Jesus Christ announced the coming Kingdom of God in Palestine in the early first century. He came into conflict with the then but religious and political establishment. God’s Word has become for the book Muslims: the Qur’an.

The Prophet Muhammad was the recipient of this by an Angel in Embassy announced the sixth century A.d.. Source: Jesus and Muhammad (c. 600 ad) relied on Abraham and were Jewish prophets! You justified their abrahamitisch monotheistic religions of the book with their own conceptions of God: Christianity and Islam. The life rules based on Moon – months: Jews and Muslims with variable holiday dates. The Sun in the Centre of the world: Christians with fixed holiday dates. The Jews are a people and a religion at the same time, the first abrahamitisch book monotheism. This can be attributed to the forefather Abraham. Christians are just religious followers, like Muslims. Arabs are ethnic groups such as German folk member. Democrats are political. The Government is appointed by the people as the sovereign of Jews and Muslims located on a private religious ‘God’s nation’. The Sharia and the Torah as a politico legal normative law and moral religious rules.

No Christian should continue according to this design President. As this shows, this draft as already by democratic forces is not become meet expected. Although the monopoly position of the Baath party and the socialism as a form of State is given up is, but the extensive powers of the President to remain dominant. Extent to which a referendum in a civil war situation is feasible, remains open. Besides that, if ever a representative majority participates in the vote. To watch it is a phenomenon that in particular a major premise of these processes at the expense of minorities and indigenous peoples – proclaimed that the a people with all its national diversity . What their just demands, a weakening of the State and the loyalty to him want to be seen. The linguistic and cultural differences resulted in the autocratic regimes of the region, rather separating as diversity.

These regimes, as well as the fundamentalist movements (national as well as religious imprinting) separate and evaluate people on the basis of their religion, national identity and political conviction. Operate a counter-enlightenment, what is preached in the hatred, which leads to violence and counter-violence. The ruling have not only any attempt of the oppositions can nip in the bud to organize itself, but also of civil society. They rejected any civil revolutionary movement. The lack of civil society is a stumbling block in the new situation. The existence of institutions of civil society and the strengthening of the enlightenment movement in these countries are important steps to strengthen the rule of law. Only thus is a guarantee for a division of power and skills within a democratic State. That free elections are held in the one country or another, certainly enhances the democratic legitimacy of the legislature, but this does not automatically lead to transparency in political and administrative processes.

So Europe is proclaimed the end of the “multicultural society”. To ban circumcisions of boys discussed, although complained no Beschnittener about it. Minarets were prohibited, which was not an issue in the United States even after 9/11. The 1893 enacted ban on Shechita is still in force, although it is not compatible with the freedom of religion. Church and State are still not separated: secularization After the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor, diversity but forms an essential and unchanging feature of democratic societies. You want to know anything in Europe.

Homogeneity (simplicity) instead of heterogeneity (diversity): Equal factory instead of equal opportunities. Latent fear behind the standardisation – and discipline discourses before that hides a latent fear that Europe of no longer the hub of goods is world. So-called emerging emancipate themselves. Because there nobody more on European homilies about meat consumption or the cloning of animals is waiting for, is mankind and disciplined, where it still is possible: here. But not everything can be regulated. Beginning in the 16th century modernisation in Europe from the Klan-to the individual society: separation of the Holy See and throne was not planned, it was the result of the unleashing of same individuality, which now devalued in the wake of the bio-political egalitarianism. If individuality and heterogeneous world interpretation schemes not more as an opportunity, but as a threat to be perceived, then vanish also contingency awareness, reflection and innovation. The company is “poorer” culturally and economically.

Source: (C) by Francis Muller, editor-in-Chief of Swissfuture magazine and a lecturer in sociology and ethnography at the Zurcher Hochschule der Kunste CH; Author Note: You can ban everything though. But just who it also interspersed is worthy of trust! Armies of paid officials are engaged in the Administration (criminal tax-ung) instead of the design (control) Europe. With their economized approach they realize only Problems, such as recently the ‘olive oil jug’ law proposal, the idea of the tax for childless, etc etc and this often create new problems.

human rights in Iran and Syria are massively violated. A day for human rights at minus 6 degrees Friday, the 7.12.2012, Berlin, everywhere was white at the Brandenburg Gate and the temperature was at minus 6 degrees. A group of Iranians in exile, exiled Syrians and Germans protested against the violations of human rights, the Iran and Syria at the Brandenburg Gate. You wondered why these people in such cold there protested. It was cold, but the people were alive and active. They demanded the UN, al because of violations of human rights in the UN Security Council to condemn the regime of Bashar Assad and the Iranian mullah regime and to provide responsible before the International Court of Justice in the Hague for the suppression in both countries. It needs to be done something, because in the Iran alone more than 1100 people waiting for the execution. The mullahs have executed more than 100 people in the Iran within a few weeks.

Human rights activists and the opposition speak four new cases of stoning. Two political prisoners, the blogger Satar Behechti (35) and the workers of Jamiel Suoedi (45), were tortured to death. The regime is faced with internal and external conflicts. The whole regime is shaking. The sanctions have shown their effect and the pressure on the regime is growing daily. Since its inception, this regime has only two agents against his crises and internal conflicts: execution and production of fear and terror in the Iran.

The course of events in Syria, the regime still in power remaining is the most important ally of the mullahs in the region, threatened the influence and power of the mullahs in the near and Middle East. The heroic resistance of the Syrian population shows that the regime of Bashar al Assad is not tenable. The mullahs have tried everything to prevent the downfall of Assad’s. You are responsible for many crimes that are committed against the population in Syria. Before the Brandenburg Gate, scenes were performed by stoning and executions. Two former political prisoners spoke about their experiences in the dungeons of the mullahs. It what awful, what the two men told, and it is very regrettable that you can learn anything in German media. The torturers of the mullahs have tortured for years the two men. For 17 years was one of the two in prison. Often, when his body of the torture was all bloody, the torturers showed him other young prisoners and they wanted to force to confess to what they falsely put them to the load. The mother of a small boy was tortured for hours. She tried to kill her child, so that the boy no longer would have to watch the torture his mother. This woman was just a simple sympathizer of the Organization of the denunciation. The action was organized by the representation of the national of Iran Council of resistance with the participation of Syrian opposition. A man from Syria said the Syrian and Iranian opposition had same opponents, and the same interests. The opponents are the mullahs in Iran and Assad in Syria. M.