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She is not what we are on the inside and yes what WE MAKE that the people judge. That such to be more similar to us to the one relating in them with the people. Thus we will only allow that the people in them know they act agreement with the person more than that we are. Nobody guesses the person who inside exists of us if not to express. According to law of the attraction we only attract what we disclose and we project in the universe. Soon, if to want to be real, is necessary to face our reality without fear and guilt and this goes to depend on an interior work.

We will have that to leave our fancies and to live our truth, therefore to it we lose the connection with our interior, we lose in them of we ourselves. Concluding: Without the force of the auto-love we poison our lives with reasons. Reasons for this, that, that another one. Instead of living our lives, we start to justify the life that we are leading. ' ' One of great the evil of this century is that we give up us facilmente.' ' The people can see me different of the form who I am but not. Our division has left of we ourselves, of the other NOT TO EVOLVE IS TO BE ORQUDIA THAT LIVES OF ITSELF AND GENERATES the MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS. Today Taiguara Composition: Taiguara Today I bring in my body the marks of my time My desperation, the life at a moment fossa, the hunger, the flower, the end of the world Today I bring in the look distorted images unknown Colors, trips, hands Bring the moon, the street to my hands, But today, my weakened hands and empty They look nakeds for moons, for the streets In the solitude of the cold nights for you. Today Men without fear arrive in port in the future I have fear agreement and I look My dark room to you is inert as the death Today steel Men wait of science I despair and hug your absence That is it remains what me, living creature in my luck Luck I did not want lost youth thus I did not want to walk dying for the life I did not want to love as well as loved I you. Dr Claude de Oliveira Rasps? psychologist – email: c_lima_psico@ hotmail: blog:

Which only tricks are not women: the radically change his image, even go to fortune-tellers, waiting for the object of adoration in front of his home. But even after the object of adoration is a girl's legs, the girls still do not cease to worry and think about how it applies to it for a long time whether they will meet, what awaits them in the future – such thoughts really torture them. At Secretary of Agriculture you will find additional information. 'Did I win the heart of young men for life? " – Experiencing a young lady. 'Will not affect whether an affair with a man older than me for me know? " – Immediately arises in her mind is another question. Do not assume that these thoughts are typical only too exciting ladies.

Being able to lover, everyone starts to present itself to the various requests and worry over every detail. Case that, in love, we open ourselves to another person, previously almost unknown, and therefore makes a few helpless to influence of external factors, as well as sensitive, vulnerable. Very pleased that at present there appeared a considerable number of periodicals and Internet sites on which knowledgeable psychologist helps girls escape from their experiences. Such a resource for women provides an opportunity not only to obtain counseling professionals, but also to share thoughts with your friends, but also helps the disappearance of excitement and anxiety. Due to the fact that girls are often unable to find understanding among men, but their enthusiasm seems to men boring and not worth wasting time, so common now bought women's magazines, which can be purchased at any store. Such media can not only distract from the constant challenges, but also find answers to many questions relating to health, relationships with lovers, makeup, fashion and parenting. But not every woman can afford each week to buy fresh issue of your favorite magazine, as if she did not want be aware of all the latest trends in fashion, find new recipes, see the next catalog of cosmetics. For these women will be a great outlet for women portals are increasingly appearing on the Internet. Such portals can not only find the information you need, but also find new friends, and also ask questions of professionals in the field of psychology, family relations, women's health.

The phase consists many times, in a period of challenge and difficulties, as much for the young crosses that it as for its parents. Conger (1980) evidences this note, emphasizing the changes that are occurring with the son, its parents and the relationship of both: ' ' The parents, to its way, also can be facing one ' ' crisis of identidade' '. The parents of the average adolescent are entering in the middle-age. At the moment where its children if approach to the maximum physical and sexual vigor, the parents are front the front with the fact of already having exceeded its proper maximum of physical esplendor and that the remaining portion of the way means the descending of the mountain, even so soft at the beginning. In a society so blinded by youth as ours? so disdainful of the oldness? the perspective can to the times be dolorosa' ' (CONGER, 1980, p.38). acceptance of the adolescent in the group, and its close relations with these, are of basic importance in the life of the young. ' ' The paper of the group of friends is particularly important to assist the individual to define its proper identity: in none another stage of the development the identity direction is so fludo' '.

(CONGER, 1980, p.66). The importance of the group is so great that many young can be satisfied itself with the standards, behaviors, crazes and modismos of this. When the adolescent finds ' ' group of amigos' ' , the relation is deeper, having bigger sincerity between the members, allowing confidences and affinity, what it finishes being well bigger with these pairs of what with its proper parents. Lacerda (1998, P. 48): ' ' They undress the masks, they use of the biggest franqueza, they open the heart for the free expression of the anxiety or the anger, the apaixonamento or the frustration.

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These moments of exploration are extremely important to train the corporal project, the necessary lateralidade, perception and other potentialities in elapsing of the life, therefore if it does not have to hinder the child to practise them, therefore it will be from them that it will go to train its motor movements, to develop its independence, maturity and to live deeply new situations. THE TRICK IN THE SCHOOL In the preschool period, playing plays fort factor in the socialization of the child, therefore it starts to interact with its professors and classmates (Sanseverino, M.M. 2002, P. 109).

This type of situation will make with that the individual learns if to carry in way adjusted in distinct situations, will learn that to have a good relation, is necessary to respect rules, to respect the space, opinions and ideas of other people, exactly that is not in accordance with the same ones. The game and the toy provide, without Existem games in which the proper activity is not pleasant, as for example, predominantly in the end of the preschool age, games that only give to pleasure to the child if it considers the interesting result. The esportivos games (not only the athletical sports, but also other games that can be gained and lost) are, quite frequently folloied of displeasure, when the result is favorable for the child (Vigotsky, L.S. 1984, P. 107) when playing, the child is above of the proper age, above of its daily, bigger behavior of what he is in the reality. In the measure where the child imitates oldest in its daily activities, it creates chances for its intellectual and also social development.

Therefore the importance of the interaction of the adults, is familiar or professors, with the children. Nowadays, some children possess some psicomotor deficit Such children become regredidas, manipulating, with low resistance to the frustration, also presenting, difficulty in the social treatment and the pedagogical development (Dalila, M.M. et al. 2002, P. 110) .

While the proposal is a species of proven hypothesis, the concepts are important for the order of objects and the processes that must or not to be investigated. The qualitative research if dedicates to investigate meanings, reasons, values and attitudes, impregnated of subjectivity, whereas the quantitative research explores statistical and visible the side. Exactly with such distinction between quantitative and qualitative data they complement themselves. The phases of the research are: the cycle of the research (joint of concepts, methods and technique), exploratria phase (phase where if it makes the construction of the inquiry project), work of field (interviews, comments, survey of material) and treatment of the material (ordinance, classification and analysis properly said). The exploratria phase of the research is very important, understands varies phases of the passage of inquiry and finishes when the investigator defined its object of research, constructed the theoretical landmark, defined instruments of collection of data, chose the space and the group of research, defined the sampling and established strategies for entrance in the field. The construction of the project if of the one through the dimensions technique (scientific rules), ideological (choices of the researcher) and scientific.

The research project is necessary to tread the way to be covered in the inquiry and to clarify which the routes of the study, as well as obtaining financings. In the research project it is necessary that if explicite the definition of the problem, the justification of the choice of the problem, the objectives of the study, the methodology, the cronograma of execution, budget and for who was searched. The subject of the research is the interest area whereas the done problematizao and investigations to the subject and must answer the following questions: the problem is original? It is excellent? It is adjusted for me? I have possibilities to execute them? Exist financial resources? It has enough time for the inquiry? In the elements that constitute a research project is: the theoretical and conceptual definitions are the base of the sustentation of the scientific inquiry and the formularizations of the hypotheses appear as a form to create questionings to be ‘ ‘ comprovados’ ‘ in the inquiry.

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Step #1: It initiates like consumer. Since I have commented in previous articles, I have happened through this of the multilevel before and the experience in this industry has taught something to me that personally I consider very important to be successful: before interesarte in the opportunity of business, that is to say, beginning to sponsor people to arm your own network of distribution, you must convertirte in a fidelizado client of the product or service. When initiating a business multilevel, the product or service must be the reason and center of all efforts. It is necessary to have a personal, real and positive experience with him. You must have it, you must use it, you must know it, until would say that almost you must get to love it. You must get to enjoy it in such a way that you become a fanatic of the same, somebody consumes that it because it solves a problem in particular to him, satisfies some latent necessity him or, finally, by the pure taste that produces the fact to him to consume it.

If that connection does not exist you become a common salesman, interested in acquiring commissions at the cost of a product or service whose consumption represents a load and an obligation. Only after you have become a faithful client of the product or service and really create in him, because you have undergone its benefits, you can begin to recommend it (we remember that the reason of being of marketing multilevel is the one to recommend a product or service, not a business; the business is consequence but it is not the aim, or it would not have to be it). For that reason I consider that before intersarte in the business opportunity you must interesarte in the product or service and to prove it like a common user and not like a distributor.