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The economic periods of the city of Manaus, amongst them the cycle of the rubber and the Zona Franca Project, had attracted diverse happened people of other regions of Brazil and the world, having caused a population swell being one of the reasons for the sprouting of more invasions or occupations in the peripheries of the city, thus passing to portray and to reproduce the social injustices and inaqualities. In such a way, the Statute of the city together with the responsible agencies for the right to the housing comes to assist and to execute habitacionais politics destined to face the urban problems, however nor always they are efficient, therefore the existing habitacionais politics do not supply the demand in this way leaving, to not only assure the fulfilment of the law revealed in the referring Federal Constitution to the housing in itself, more the problems related to the city. Amongst some professionals who act in the habitacional area, it is basic to emphasize importance of the Social Service, which needs to be apt to execute the profession, being known the social causes of each individual and thus to play for ways of programs and social politics its paper in the diverse public and private organizations, having always as auxiliador the code of professional ethics that directs the routes to be followed and the commitment come back toward the citizen in situation of social vulnerability, being called to act of form to also answer the now existing demands not only what it concerns to the area of the habitation or worthy housing, but to the related challenges the citizenship. Housing, Citizenship and Social Service INTRODUCTION the present article has as objective to carry through a reflection on the problematic habitacional in the city of Manaus, being explicitando the difficulty found for the population most devoid in possessing a quality housing, hindering that the citizen does not exert its rights fully, which is elencados in the Federal constitution..

The basic point of the proposal theoretician-metodolgica to work swimming in the perspective of the corporeidade is to promote the development of sensitivity and the corporal perception, allowing the person if to know first, having notion of its proper body, its limits, its possibilities. The learning of the swimming, based on the corporeidade, has the following conception: a learning in which the movements are not preset, given as ready. The corporeidade says respect to the humanizao of the citizen, so that this comes to be an citizen-asset and not object-liabilities of history and the culture. Exemplificamos such proposal: 1. Corporal project: For Merleau-Ponty (2000), the body is not only one thing, but yes, something that if moves, that it perceives and that is perceived, that touches and is touched, capable of if relating with the world and to exteriorizar its sensitivity. The corporal project is the conscience of the body and the conscience of the world, that is, a trans-space unit and trans-weather. It is the representation that the person has of the proper body, in a certain space, a certain time. In the corporal project the elements are involved.

2. Space structure: For Merleau-Ponty (2000) the space is the way as we are affected, rude data of our constitution human being, it is relative to our body. He is not finite and nor infinite. It is the conscience of our body in an environment, a certain place and orientation that we can have in relation to the people and the things. 3. Secular orientation: For Merleau-Ponty (2000) the time cannot be represented as a concept. Our proposal, is not to imprison the corporal experience in the exactness of the clock, but on the other hand, we cannot deny its existence. We can develop some forms of perception of the time, by means of the contact of the body with the water, therefore we know that in the half liquid the movements become slower, due to resistance of the same one.