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The film starts with a great glacier layer in Antarctica being divided to the way causing an immense accident in the glacier. The climatologista alert Jack to the governing on an ambient catastrophe, of approximately 100 years, but it is not heard. In the esccia in the center of climatic research buoy 4311 detects a temperature of 13 degrees plus them believes that only it was a defect. The catastrophes had started to cause: sleet, hurricanes and much snow. When the son of Jack that if calls Sam had fond of the New York with its friends for the pertaining to school competition already gave itself to notice that the animals already felt the future catastrophe. Jack in its house the night received a linking from professor Tony Rapson who says that one of the buoys suffered a temperature from 13 degrees and it affirms that they had found that it was a defect and Jack says that it did not find that he would happen so early. In Los Angeles it starts to appear a series of become forts after that destroy building houses automobiles and until the signboard of Hollywood. Jack affirms that the melting of calotas polar adds to an enormous amount of water candy in the oceans and breaches the balance of the chains that stabilize the climatic systems, it also says that these catastrophes go to get worse.

In New York gigantic waves they imundam the city the majority of the citizens try to take refuge itself for the library for better survival. It is not something Carrier would like to discuss. After much time of catastrophes the population runs away for the south to move away from the grating layer all from snow covering the hemisphere north. Jack leaves in search of the son but it distrusts of that Sam would not have survived, when arrives if almost all cover for the snow scares when seeing the library. It enters in the library and is with great relief that finds its son alive, although to have died thousand of people. After to know that they had found a group of survivors the president of U.S.A. announces that it will order to rescue all the survivors of the hemisphere north. ' ' The film shows the global heating provoking the cooling global' '.

Why you do not make of the letters hobby of who needs to rest of the arduous profession, or why you want to enaltecer yours you endow intellectuals. But to accent the humanistic behavior that must preside over all social activity. I reproduce the estria that you counted in the Brazilian Magazine of Medicine in ‘ ‘ Reflections on mortality infantil’ ‘: ‘ ‘ Certain made, a woman of the people, bringing rolled entered us in the Doctor’s office in one chal, teeny human being in decomposition. Examining it we can count costelinhas to it fragile badly covered by the ressequida skin. Made an impression, almost infuriated, we ask the reason of that state, because it assents in that slow infanticide the poor woman, moved, confused, to the measure that the tears ran to it of the eyes was saying that it delivers filhinho to the cares of a criadeira, therefore needed to work outside. The criadeira, this word, was resounding in my ears with the insistence of an acknowledgment.

For one sees there that the main causes of infantile mortality if can summarize in the ignorance and pobreza’ ‘. is not only in the word, in the letter that kills, but in the action that vivifies. Your ticket for the Department of Public Health and later in the Secretariat of the Health of the State, and currently in the Hospital of Clinics ‘ ‘ August Dr. Leite’ ‘ in the Chair of Tropical Illnesses of the College of Medical Sciences d Federal University of Sergipe, printed and prints the mark of your personality. In the Hospital you started for distributing justice between the colleagues and servers, who the discrimination is the anti-man, and when it serves to project some suspicion of its merits and harms capable and idealistic. The Right is not a gift; it is an open good to that they are prepared, by means of general norms, without meaning of people.

Repassing the citizens of these nations, the confidence that as much we feel lack. Here we lose pleasure and we disarrange our projects. Had to these factors, DMatta says that it is therefore, that we obtain to discover and to perfect ways, a skill, a style of social navigation, therefore always passes in the space between lineses of ' ' it cannot! ' '. Also it is for the fact of terms a divided legal system, that nor always condiz with our reality. In the sixth paragraph, the same it starts to appraise ' ' jeito' ' , being a way and a style to carry through the things, likeable, despaired or a human one to relate the impersonal one with the staff, Pacific; legitimate until deciding such problems entirely, provoking this causstica junction of the law, with the person is using who it. To exemplificar this process, the author cites three acts, that consist of the relation of the humble person, with superiority of the public server and this, with ' ' he knows with that he is speaking? ' '.

In the first act, it he speaks of the hierarquizao of the social status, where the person ignored for its appearance, is not taken care of with respect for the public officer. In as, an impasse is created, because the attendant complicates the things and starts to speak of the legal penalties that the user can suffer. After this, the author explains the position of the server and the social value of the solicitant. Giving continuity, in the third act, it speaks of the question of ' ' pode' ' of ' ' not pode' ' said for the employee. In one soon comparison of igualitrios countries and Brazil, DMatta perceived the great difference that has to decide the things, since, in ours in case that, always we find one ' ' jeito' '.

Already in the first measures it is observed operating university reform occurring of consubstanciada form thus the facultieses had become university for the juxtaposition enter the superior institutions thus unifying itself, the courses that long ago acted in isolated way. However, the federal state withheld all autonomy on the institutions that still university professor occurred of form, as conseguintes all the modifications had been molding in elapsing of the time keeping its remaining aspects. The economic situation politician and also reflects the vision of superior education in country dated after 1945, having then certain university privatization and the search for social ascension since, many sectors demanded a superior level for acts of contract, in this exactly period happened the federalizao of many universities as USP and UNB these last with ideas humanists who if molded in the concepts of culture, arts, science and technology, that it was boycotted at the time and created thus, another institution. The creation of the LDB in 1961 did not modify very in the superior educational system, only acted in administrative levels inside of the educational spheres. From 1968 the university educational politics in superior education will only start to construct bases for the university reform of 1968, due to redemocratizao of the Brazilian society and the search of formation for the work more specialized to take care of the capitalist market disfarado by Populism, nationalism and desenvolvimentista. No longer period of 1968 the 1990, the universities gain force and space for estruturao of the academic courses everything in function the university reform that occurred in years 60 to the end of the 80, following lines of direction of law 5,540 of 28 of November of 1968, this had as objective to fix the norms of organization and functioning of superior education and its joint with the too much levels of education, from there the pulled out one for the modernization college student, bringing factors that had established connection and remodelled the education, searches and extension, that if extends ties 1990 middle, when occurs the increase in the number and largeness of the institutions, the opening for privatization, and university extension ties the interior and diversification in the areas periods and courses of vacation conducted for the calls private universities with enterprise vocation.

Interviews had been carried through and to the few subjects as the question of the formation of the Muselogo, the market of work and also the day the day of these professionals in determined institution (when the interviews occurred in one). By general form, it took knowledge of evolution of the profession in last the 70 years and verified that it also had enormous evolution in the concept of Museum (physical space and idea) and of its social paper, fomenting the change also in the scope of the university. In ' ' Professional formation and the Social Functions of the Museu' ' &#039 has debated the call; ' new Museologia' ' that it comes in opposing direction to everything what is imagined for ' ' museum tradicional' '. With it appears the vision of Field strong, place of ideas that distanciam the museum of the built walls surrounded that it until then. In another front it means to argue the social paper of the museum? what it also occurred in diverse countries and in Brazil.

The overcoming of the idea of that the museum represents the elitist thought, leading it the relations with a democratic society, in opposition what it occurs with the traditional museums. Toward Huges de Varine the study of the Museums &#039 must be turned; ' for the man and what he is vivo' ' (1985) and also it describes the profession of the muselogo as in &#039 searchs of one; ' belonging, of a project comum' '. In contraposition the too much international entities, that it desires disciplines to create it scientific, it desire to expand the museolgico behavior for the experiences and search, provoking the individual and collective reflection on this change. In this new source, the objects lose ' ' valores' ' before representative of the social fact and the idea of &#039 emerges; ' Museal&#039 fact; ' (the activities of the museum professionals do not restrict only to the buildings and yes in the communities and its individual representations of existence.