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With a stopover in Thailand will discover a country that hosts a huge amount of historical evidence, this is the ideal place for people interested in ruins, temples and deserted cities. Thai beaches and Islands are a veritable earthly paradise. In terms of urban Wonderland, the huge metropolis of Bangkok, with its energy and its cultural treasures, despite its imposing size and the reigning chaos, tends to seduce visitors. Reasons to travel to thinking about a trip to Thailand Thailand is a country which can travel easily: possesses an effective transportation, accessible accommodation. Thai cuisine is known for being spicy, spiced and for maintaining a balance in the use of five fundamental in each one of their dishes, or in general flavors in their meals. The Thais are famous for their friendliness and hospitality with strangers. Thai massage: You will have the possibility of taking the famous traditional massage thai has its basis in the stretching, the mobilization of joints and pressure points and meridians, stimulating blood circulation and achieving a balance of internal organs. This massage, performed for years, has the function of removing toxins and offer a feeling of relaxation for the body, which has regained flexibility, and the mind.

Visit the Ko Phi Islands: Don is the only island of the set that has permanent inhabitants, although the second importance, Ko Phi Phi Leh Island beaches are visited by many tourists. This island has no facilities to stay, but is very close to Ko Phi Phi Don. The rest of the Islands in the Group include Bida Nok, Bida Noi, and Bamboo Island, are just limestone rocks that emerge from the sea. Lopburi: This city is famous for the hundreds of monkeys who live in the middle of the city, especially around the temple Khmer Prang Sam Yot, and Khmer sanctuary Sarn Phra Karn. These monkeys are fed by the local population, especially during the Festival of the monkeys of November being usual put a buffet with food for them. Because monkeys do not have any fear of humans, they steal any food they can find, even approaching the restaurants and removed the food to Diners. Activities only suitable for those seeking adventures in the trip: Trekking in the mountains of Chiang Mai, through dense forest, dodging small creeks, knowing local tribes that represent ethnic minorities of the North of Thailand. Spend the night in a local house in a village, in a camp on the banks of a stream. Elephant rides, rafting on bamboo rafts, scuba diving in the warm waters of the Pacific. An unforgettable experience.