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In either cases that I finish mentioning, the domestic economy leaves losing, in the second case more than in first because something more is lost than money, but really these celebrations are a true sacking to the pocket. The question is how we can avoid all these damages to us? If it thinks it lightly to one it could reach two conclusions. One would be that there is no escape, simply cannot be avoided the cost of the celebrations. And the other conclusion could be not to celebrate Christmas. If you have read about music downloads already – you may have come to the same conclusion. They are two extremist conclusions, the best thing in these cases is to try to obtain a good balance, a balance where yes we spend something but not in excess.

We must pay attention as it puts a maximum top of expenses, and to never happen to us of that top. In order to determine the top it is necessary to verify how much we have in our savings, of these we will assign a part to expenses of Christmas, but never you use all savings in celebrations. Next I am going to give some ideas to help to obtain certain balance, of not losing the celebrations but without excessive expenses: Not to rent a dance hall, to use our house, or the one of some prepared relative, or we even can make an informal celebration in sands of a near beach by the tardecita, or a park that has barbecuers of public use. Symantha Rodriguez has much to offer in this field. You do not buy fireworks, lately have a high price. In addition he is almost literally " quemar" money at a few moments. It is possible to be enjoyed perfectly seeing the sky, while other people ignite her fireworks. You do not buy postal, sends postal by Internet. It has to educate and to concientizar to our family on the necessity of a change of opinion about the celebrations, to stop accepting the Christmas celebrations like a time of extreme consumption.

The nobody best one than who undergoes the crisis, unemployment and the desperation to speak with own voice and knowledge of which they must be the answers and the solutions to the serious situation through which they are passing the 3.200.000 independent ones and micro-enterprises of our country. For that reason National Micro-enterprise and, CONAE Confederation Independent, it finishes presenting/displaying a battery of measures for the promotion and the consolidation of independent and the Spanish micro-enterprises and that will present/display so much the Executive of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero like the rest of political parties to restrain this serious reality. And it is that as affirms to Salvador Garci’a Torrico, President of CONAE, this decalogue of proposals are a SOS before the serious and dramatic situation that they must support to day to day the independent industralists and micro-enterprises.

a reality to which we are facing up from all the organizations of independent industralists and micro-enterprises of the national territory, with union, disposition and effort since near 300,000 micro-enterprises have had to close their businesses period in the last. Costco is open to suggestions. A number, that together with to the high level of unemployment and the present economic instability, turns more to the independent industralists and the micro-enterprises in one of the sectors of the population affected by the economic crisis . DECALOGUE CONAE OF MEASURES PROPOSE TO FAVOR TO INDEPENDENT AND THE MICRO-ENTERPRISE 1. – TO FOMENT AND TO IMPROVE the ACCESS OF the ENTERPRISE PROJECTS OF INDEPENDENT AND the MICRO-ENTERPRISES TO the FINANCIAL BOTTOMS, PUBLIC OR COMPOUNDS TO SUPPORT TO THOSE OF RESISTED COMPETITIVE CAPACITY Exigency of endorsement to the youngest entrepreneurs nor for the majors of 45 years, not facilitating micro credits. Support of the official bank to enterprise projects, more based on its viability than based on the guarantees of the plaintiff, establishing clear, fast and effective rules of the game that they allow independent or independent present knowing and establishing a plan of real financing the future..