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Legal service – this is a much needed service to date. It allows you to replace full-time lawyer in a company or help him with additional resources. In contrast, staff lawyer, legal company will not go to competitors, will not violate trade secret, do not get sick, do not go away on vacation and will not resign … In addition, the cost of legal service leaves a lot cheaper than keeping a staff lawyer. In fact, fact, the company can be a long period of time without feeling the need for third party legal support. This may be due to the small volume of transactions, using standard forms of contracts, etc.

But may be special situations where a company simply can not do without the services of qualified legal service. In some cases, you may need user’s legal service? Legal service is selected many companies for several reasons: – the volume of legal issues is low, staff lawyer contain unprofitable, but occasionally there are problematic situations that require solutions – in the process of the company there are various problems that can not be fully resolved by one full-time lawyer – the volume of tasks is large, but the main work of the legal department of the company focus on the main lines of business, with the current legal issues remain without the necessary attention. What exactly legal service legal services better than average? 1. Subscriber legal services to help you quickly resolve urgent issues. Lawyers start work immediately after the agreed bid received from you. Thus the cost of services is significantly reduced. 2.

Companies are not required to conclude a separate agreement for all types of services. The order of settlement becomes easier, and minimizes paperwork. The amount of monthly subscription fees known in advance, so company can easily plan your budget. The amount of monthly subscription fees known in advance, so the company can easily plan your budget.