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To 25 years of the war of the Falklands the United Kingdom it generates shocks in the austral region. Argentina questions to want to him to operate hydrocarbons in these islands that affirms they were snatched to him in 1833. The tensions now have extended to Chile, because London announced to want to annex million km 2 of the Antarctic being affected reclamations of that republic and Argentina, the unique countries that have had babies been born his there. Many countries demand the sovereignty of strips of the frozen continent (including Peru) but not yet is a world-wide consensus envelope it. After the 13 of May of the 2009 UN it could arbitrate realising the last territorial distribution of the terrestrial surface. According to the Treaty of 1959 the South Pole stays like the unique continent where it cannot have arms military, exhausted toxic or mineral operation, and that 100% destined to science and the tourism must stay. Nevertheless, due to the high prices of black gold and other metals, there are interests that struggle abrir to the Antarctic and its seas surrounding to transnational companies that extract their resources. Original author and source of the article..