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No Christian should continue according to this design President. As this shows, this draft as already by democratic forces is not become meet expected. Although the monopoly position of the Baath party and the socialism as a form of State is given up is, but the extensive powers of the President to remain dominant. Extent to which a referendum in a civil war situation is feasible, remains open. Besides that, if ever a representative majority participates in the vote. To watch it is a phenomenon that in particular a major premise of these processes at the expense of minorities and indigenous peoples – proclaimed that the a people with all its national diversity . What their just demands, a weakening of the State and the loyalty to him want to be seen. The linguistic and cultural differences resulted in the autocratic regimes of the region, rather separating as diversity.

These regimes, as well as the fundamentalist movements (national as well as religious imprinting) separate and evaluate people on the basis of their religion, national identity and political conviction. Operate a counter-enlightenment, what is preached in the hatred, which leads to violence and counter-violence. The ruling have not only any attempt of the oppositions can nip in the bud to organize itself, but also of civil society. They rejected any civil revolutionary movement. The lack of civil society is a stumbling block in the new situation. The existence of institutions of civil society and the strengthening of the enlightenment movement in these countries are important steps to strengthen the rule of law. Only thus is a guarantee for a division of power and skills within a democratic State. That free elections are held in the one country or another, certainly enhances the democratic legitimacy of the legislature, but this does not automatically lead to transparency in political and administrative processes.