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and give up on the pursuit of opportunities here in Mexico. On the other hand, if this income obtained in the form of remittances comes to decrease or even missing, people see the need to do the same: migrate to obtain the shortfall in revenues. Also as previously mentioned remittances are used for basic needs, it is very rare that people arrive to save a part or to make any investment that will generate development and employment in the city or community. (The Inter-American Development Bank survey: 79% of remittances are used for current expenditure and only 1% to invest in business activities). We can conclude that at this time we are going through as a country remittances do not contribute to human development nor to the fight against poverty.

They only keep families on the same level where they were before the migration process to another country. There is a great dependence on income from remittances; This will be a challenge for Mexico in the years since the amount reached its highest point and has begun to fall. The Bank of Mexico announced that you between January and September 2009, 31 States and the Federal District recorded a contraction in the catchment of remittances, resulting in a contraction of 13.4%. Various reasons can explain that remittances will undertake: financial crisis in the United States.UU., oversupply of labor, political applied by the US Government to limit migrants and that some people have even taken the decision to bring the family had left in Mexican lands. The current situation of crisis and the disturbing trend downward of remittances, both the Government and the citizens and institutions must bet on investment projects, revival of tourism, among others that really generate economic growth and especially that raise the level of well-being of Mexicans.