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There are always lessons that leave us every year, even in the most difficult situations there is a lesson to rescue and take to improve our lives. Writes the entire list of what you feel that you gave you this 2010 in that first section. 3. Learn more at this site: Emmanuel Faber. In the second section you type what you want to express in your life in 2011. Here he writes everything that in the deepest part of your being you really want live the following year. Between more positive emotions you plasmes when writing it, the greater chances of manifest it. Type what you want always in positive, at present and in a specific way, so that you know has already you did it when you do. For example, if you want to increase your income and you write it Thus win more are not being specific.

Such that if what you want is to win over an increase of 100 pesos, dollars or the currency that is will the universe responds to specific requests, so meet you asked. Enter the minimum amount you want as if it already had, eg: genre easily at least $60,000 every month doing what I like to do. If your goal relates to emotions written in detail how you’ll realize that you’re living it, instead of writing be happier, typing specific actions or specific moments where you realize that because you did it. For example, if you are happy being with your family and your work does not allow it, write something like: I am fully happy with my family in these two hours that I have free time upon returning from my work, or I am happy for having finalized the project that I was assigned from 2010?, etc. Tell your mind as you realize that you did what you notice in the or gone this time. As you will notice this ritual can take you more time than you imagined, because you have to be very specific for the universe understands what you want and consequently move everything you note what move to manifest what you want.