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Mainly when we feel that and we are in our true world, exactly knowing that we live a completely different reality today, where all they look for to conquer certain spaces in the life, to discover new adventures already conquered and discovered by others. For you, will be difficult to understand what I feel at this moment, but still you have my hopes in being able one day to transmit it the possible maximum my trip, therefore, as everything what it cannot be touched with the hand or be seen with the eyes of the soul, its gift becomes stronger the measure where if it tells, and this is the best form to describe my trip. I at a distance remember of my friend and Nivaldo professor, with its celebrates phrase in classroom, whose author I am unaware of: ' ' you do not have the duty to reach my flight. As well as, he does not have the right to hinder me of voar' ' , and I observe during all my inesquecvel trip that, in the world of the birds, if does not make necessary to compete to win the obstacles of the life, but, to only win them. Each bird that if finds in a more advanced evolutivo degree, obtains, give birth passu, the admiration and esteem of the too much birds observes that it with respect and looks for to follow its steps in seara of the life. Today, at last, I only limit myself to meditar on my trip, in the hope of one day to find me with my friends, who for some moments had been with me during all my trip, in transcorrer of my night, on my true world of bird, and I do not get tired myself again of looking at me at every moment, in the hope of that my wing grows so that I can, forever, to alar my flight of freedom, sublime been of spirit that the world until today is unaware of.