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The production, the speed, information, the portabilidade, and adaptability is some of the new standards of after-modernity. Carrier may find it difficult to be quoted properly. To be ready all the situations and to know to deal (and even though to wait) that the social and affective relationships, for example, are ephemeral, as in an obligator cycle of start and end, started to be a standard of acceptable behavior and many times desirable. This illustrates as the liquidity if it inside became new a sensible one of ideal behavior of this society that Weber called ' ' desencantada' '. Old values of solidity and durability, tradition, family and religiosidade open space for the fluidity, change, speed, adaptability, productivity and rationality. Even though the conceptions of time and space if had reconfigured at this moment. The technological development extended the possibility of displacement for diverse places of the world in a short time, modifying slight knowledge of distance, space and time. The sprouting of the Internet, the communication in net and the virtual space also they had modified significantly this relation of time and space. is in this scene that we can observe as the Media acquires space and force.

Ideals of consumption and productivity are propagated of form explicit or guarded e, many times, ' ' preenchem' ' a existencial emptiness of this society. The search for corporeal properties, reaching a standard of beauty and an ideal job, for example, priorities in the society of &#039 had become; ' world desencantado' '. Such values if present as standards of happiness and personal accomplishment in substitution the old traditions of family and religiosidade, for example. It is sufficiently common, in times of liquid modernity, that the relationships are ephemeral and that these relations if establish under total distinct fragile foundations of the feeling of the love and essential values for familiar constitution, creation of the children and etc. We live a world where the technological progress, the rationalization and science had not brought all the happiness that one day if it waited.