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Pain syndrome (due to accumulation of lactic acid because of the intense muscle work) is encouraging, it hurts exactly what is chosen for the purpose of correction, it seems we are on the road to success. But in the end, after one month bona fide training – weight on the spot, favorite jeans small hips can be larger than before training. There is uncertainty in the professionalism of the coach, blame the organism as a reluctance to respond to the enclosed efforts. More likely to be disappointed – "I do all that is not doing – in any case, no effect, and fitness to give up. Here is born the myth that in the gym to engage in dangerous and inefficient for weight loss, because these exercises lead to "muscle growth".

And the news went from mouth to mouth in order to prevent this undesirable effect. Lovely ladies! Calm down and do not be afraid! You do not succeed, even engaged in 3-4 times a week for an hour a gym, increase in the amount of muscle. Female hormones (estrogens) protects you from excessive growth of biceps and triceps. Financial planner has firm opinions on the matter. The difference in hormonal status leads to the fact that women have to deal with 40% more and longer than men to achieve the same result. And photos of girls with male bodies on the covers of magazines – it's not fitness, and professional sports, has no relation to health. What is the reason failure of many dieters in the gym? We already know that practicing specific problem areas, you will only strengthen and tone your usually very weak muscles, and a layer of fat over them no time to "Burn", as it requires very different technique classes.