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It was a social and definitive incumbency, generally made without great feelings of opposition. The agricultural providence aged and invalid came to bring then a function of social protection of extreme idea of modernity, that discloses one essential importance to a country where the democracy exists. It allows inside of the family, the valuation of the aged one, that, with the income of the retirement, it obtains a preservation accomplishes in the command of the familiar expenditures, in an inverted social paper of what was always, passing of attended who gives assistance to the members of the family. As they evidence Thin; Cardoso, (1998, P. 21): The change of the precarious assistencial regimen of the Funrural (1971) for the special regimen of the agricultural providence, implemented from 1992 on the basis of the principles of social security of the Constitution of 1988, brought aged significant advances of social protection to and the invalid ones of agricultural way e, particularly, to the half-excluded women it Funrural for the legal criterion of exclusive support to the head of the family.

Parallel to the positive innovations of the agricultural previdencirio system, questions had also appeared of financial order. Of this point of view, the new previdencirio financial comprometimento of these retirements was the main one, extending the gap of the Providence. It had then a change in the mentality of rigorously familiar protection to aged of the agricultural zone, that existed in the decades of 40 and 50, when the protection of the State was practically null, to place it as beneficiary of one reconhecedora social politics of the right of aged and the access to the retirement, of independent form of the tax-paying ability to the system of social welfare. In years 70, proclaiming the social equality, for the military dictatorship, the fragile assistencial regimen prevailed of Funrural, whose values of the agricultural retirement were below of the subsistence necessities, that is the value age of half minimum wage as retirement ceiling.