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Before you start making plans for a joint holiday, encourage your friend a short questionnaire and ask them to answer openly her questions. Themselves do the same. At the end of the event you will receive information about, what dilemmas you may face later, and much better if it turns out the house, but not when it will be difficult to change anything. In the If the dispute as a result of the questionnaire will be many, it is possible to specify in advance all the details and come to a compromise, and if they will not appear at all, then I can congratulate you in advance with a suitable companion. True, we must not forget that in a strange place all are subject to change, but not so sharply that it was impossible to predict.

Sample questions for questioning in what time you prefer to go to bed? How do you see daily recreation – go on tours or sea vacation? How do you like to spend your evening – in a bar or a disco that is active, or in a room with a book? How to plan expenses – everyone pays for themselves or share costs in half with a companion? Able Do you concede? Do you prefer to live alone or are willing to live together? Have you snore? Irritating to whether or prevents you from someone else's snoring? Can you imagine that your companion has got to meet new people, and you are left alone? In fact, you yourself could make this form and fill it with the necessary data that you no longer fit, according to your habits or predilections. In the end, the most important thing that you left to rest, knowing that you have to companion loved one who can help make a burdensome and leave an indelible and will not poison your existence to its presence. Search companion suddenly happened, what you really want to go to rest, but You do not have a suitable company, often travel sites offer a service – a search for like-minded in their pages. Most often, they can read the application site visitors who are looking for travel companions for tourist trips, but registered, and the ads themselves, and receive e-mail notification of new reviews in your proposal. And sometimes you can even suggest appropriate for you psycho "holiday friend." This nonstandard method enables you to find just the right fit for your holidays, not just someone who goes there too. Also on the travel portals have the opportunity to share feedback on the tours with visitors to the site familiarize themselves with like-minded people and to conduct an extensive correspondence.