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The political Marketing, then is the instrument by which organizations partisan and social may establish more accurately the wishes and aspirations of the citizens. This is responsible for all the systematic and continuous process of the candidate, leader or political party. It should be noted that the political marketing is subdivided into governmental and electoral marketing. The first in the service of social causes promoted by government agencies or private; While the second at the service of political parties and candidates. In both cases to identify needs, sell ideas-simbolos and persuade people to change or reinforce their attitudes. Marketing is more than just a set of tactics and media operations.

It is a set of techniques of research, management and planning dissemination that are used in the design and execution of strategic and tactical actions throughout an election campaign. We can deduce therefore that political marketing forces that needs, aspirations of citizens, have very clear so that campaigns should motivate them to identify the actions that are intended to carry out, to be accepted, to be assured of its approval, knowing grasp the needs of the electoral marketplace to build an ideological, know program based on those needs, influence and motivate citizens to identify themselves with who guarantees them satisfaction of needs, this last aspect that we can apply with the use of market research that will really bring what needs. The research will allow to determine demographic, socio-economic characteristics, habits, attitudes and behavior of the public, who think the candidate or political party and its competition, aspirations and needs are, whom or who have influence on them and as they make their voting decisions. Also you must know the environment data from the economic, political and social factors that can influence the environment, where the political organization or candidate is this play; should likewise be taken into It has competition, information with respect to the other political groups or candidates and the activities that they play. Specifically, it allows to know the public opinion which is not more than general approval status, reflects, expresses and configures the climate of general thinking. Precisely, plans, programs that promote the good use of a political marketing scope can be developed with that information.