Thirty2 Degrees

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Depth landing – that looked out on the surface of the bulb about a third-quarter. Substrate for distillation can be sand or any loose augmentation of yield with a neutral reaction, the main thing that was always moist substrate. The need for light is small: just scattered daylight or fluorescent light or incandescent lamp 40 – 100 watts per 1 square meter. Maximum air temperature during the distillation of 15 – 20 degrees. Thus, please our loved fresh flowers for the holiday! Forcing hyacinths to January 1 (in brackets the data for March 8.) Digging up the bulbs from the open ground – mid-July (when ripe), onions drying in the shade at a temperature of 23 – 27 degrees and humidity to 70% – 3 days (2 weeks) Warming up the bulbs for early forcing at 30 degrees and relative humidity of 60 – 70% in the dark – 2 weeks (not used) Contents of bulbs in storage at a temperature of 17 – 22 degrees – before cooling period of cooling: The content of the bulbs stored at low temperature of 9 degrees and a relative humidity of 60 – 70% in the dark 10 – 12 weeks (10 – 14 weeks) Planting bulbs in the boxes to the substrate for distillation and the contents in temperature of 9 degrees humidity 60 – 70% in a dark place – until the beginning of October (through October) Constructing the bulbs in the dark at low temperature of 4 – 9 degrees and a relative humidity of 100% with a weekly watering – at the beginning October (through October), growth inhibition is achieved by reduction of temperature up to 1 – 2 degrees in the dark – the required number of weeks. Moving boxes for distillation in a warm place 10 – 12 degrees and humidity 60 – 70% – for 3 weeks before flowering (2-3 weeks before flowering) temperature rise to 20-25 degrees – 2 days after transfer of boxes in a warm place for germs pritenenie stretching and lengthening stems – the first 4 days of forcing Watering substrate – daily Regulation temperature to accelerate or delay flowering – last week expected.. For more information see Cheniere Energy partners.