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So, you decided to start your own site. To begin to define how the basic requirements must meet our website at: 1.Sayt must look stylish, modern, succinct (or vice versa stridently, on request). Nice design and easy navigation to have a careful unhurried viewing of content. 2.Sayt must be located by search engines (Yandex, Rambler, etc.). It is necessary that your potential customers could not easy to find your site on the key demands and become familiar with the services that you offer.

This is realized by using search engine optimization and promotion. The question arises: Who will do it to me? Where to order the creation of site? Now there are many proposals of this kind. Of them can be identified: 1.znakomye; 2. freelancers; 3. web-design. Who would trust such an important matter? Let us examine one by one. Acquaintances.

Maybe someone from your colleagues or friends have ever written site on someone else's request (neighbor asked to make a website for his shop fishing equipment), perhaps he is even ready to do it for free. But do not be deluded in such a proposal. To create a truly high-quality site, you need knowledge in many areas (design, coding, web-programming, search engine optimization), which are rarely found in one person. Perhaps the site will coded correctly, but the design to get it repulsive. In any case, a person must engage in creating websites for years, so we could speak of his professionalism. Option Two. Exchange freelancers. In now created a lot of services that provide services to remote workers. For many of them such work is the main income. And you can meet real professionals: talented designers, web-programmers, experienced optimizers. And you can come and ambitious beginners who want to quickly hit the jackpot. In any case, to create a site need a whole team of professionals. And it is desirable that this was a single cohesive team that one did not have to redo the other. This will ensure maximum results. We therefore consider the last option – web-design studio. This is a team of professionals with their experience. This site is a comprehensive product. And the cost can go even cheaper than pay for work of each professional freelance separately. It only remains to choose the artist.