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human rights in Iran and Syria are massively violated. A day for human rights at minus 6 degrees Friday, the 7.12.2012, Berlin, everywhere was white at the Brandenburg Gate and the temperature was at minus 6 degrees. A group of Iranians in exile, exiled Syrians and Germans protested against the violations of human rights, the Iran and Syria at the Brandenburg Gate. You wondered why these people in such cold there protested. It was cold, but the people were alive and active. They demanded the UN, al because of violations of human rights in the UN Security Council to condemn the regime of Bashar Assad and the Iranian mullah regime and to provide responsible before the International Court of Justice in the Hague for the suppression in both countries. It needs to be done something, because in the Iran alone more than 1100 people waiting for the execution. The mullahs have executed more than 100 people in the Iran within a few weeks.

Human rights activists and the opposition speak four new cases of stoning. Two political prisoners, the blogger Satar Behechti (35) and the workers of Jamiel Suoedi (45), were tortured to death. The regime is faced with internal and external conflicts. The whole regime is shaking. The sanctions have shown their effect and the pressure on the regime is growing daily. Since its inception, this regime has only two agents against his crises and internal conflicts: execution and production of fear and terror in the Iran.

The course of events in Syria, the regime still in power remaining is the most important ally of the mullahs in the region, threatened the influence and power of the mullahs in the near and Middle East. The heroic resistance of the Syrian population shows that the regime of Bashar al Assad is not tenable. The mullahs have tried everything to prevent the downfall of Assad’s. You are responsible for many crimes that are committed against the population in Syria. Before the Brandenburg Gate, scenes were performed by stoning and executions. Two former political prisoners spoke about their experiences in the dungeons of the mullahs. It what awful, what the two men told, and it is very regrettable that you can learn anything in German media. The torturers of the mullahs have tortured for years the two men. For 17 years was one of the two in prison. Often, when his body of the torture was all bloody, the torturers showed him other young prisoners and they wanted to force to confess to what they falsely put them to the load. The mother of a small boy was tortured for hours. She tried to kill her child, so that the boy no longer would have to watch the torture his mother. This woman was just a simple sympathizer of the Organization of the denunciation. The action was organized by the representation of the national of Iran Council of resistance with the participation of Syrian opposition. A man from Syria said the Syrian and Iranian opposition had same opponents, and the same interests. The opponents are the mullahs in Iran and Assad in Syria. M.