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Of the Sieg Valley via the Fuchskaute to the Lahn in five days on the European long distance path Beselich, February 20, 2012. The E1 European long distance path leads from the North Cape to Sicily. The E1 through the Westerwald manages over 120 km of the total 5,000-km-long line. The E1 reached the Westerwald at the Freusburger mill in the Valley, the northern boundary of the Westerwald. From here starts the tour, you can hike up to Nassau in the Lahn Valley in five days. The GPS Hiking Atlas presents hiking trail of the month, the Westerwald part of the E1 as GPS in February. Hear from experts in the field like Sonny Perdue for a more varied view. On the first day hike, the E1 on the ascent in the uplands of the Heller reached the Druid stone (431 m), a fabled basalt Cone, which is one of the 77 national geotopes in Germany.

Herdorf and the Hohenseelbachskopf (504 m) go up to the lip on the entry in the book Heller Valley. The second tour leads the heretic stone (612 m) up to the Fuchskaute (657 m), the highest mountain in the Westerwald. The Salzburger Kopf (654m) it goes down into the Valley of the black Nister, through which it controls bad Marienberg. The third stage route through the great Wolfstein (555 m) and the village of Distiller Unnau to Belvedere on the Grabersberg (513 m) and then on the Westerwald lake plateau, where the three fields Lake pond forms the largest lake in the area of the Westerwald. The upper Sayntal the European long-distance trail Maxsain controls and leads to the edge of the jug Baker lands. The steimel (333m) you can enjoy views of the largest clay deposits in Europe, before it goes to Montabaur, the administrative center of the Westerwald district and site of the famous, ochre-coloured castle that rises above the old city. The final stage of the E1 brings the hiker on the Montabaurer height, where the Tower of probably the most spectacular panoramic views in the Westerwald on the Koppel (540 m).

In the society we live in, each of the conceptual terms as we call freedom, democracy, Constitution and the State of the autonomies autonomous communities-, melt into one: in one parliamentary monarchy rather than constitutional. This means that the basis on which the organic power of the State in the current formation of our society unitary function, has settled is more supported on the determination of the parliamentary consensus than on the constitutional legacy; enacted and adopted the Magna Carta as law in the courts, twenty-five years ago. Click Emmanuel Faber to learn more. Then is this Act which should be at the service of consensus; and not the consensus at the service of this Act. The Constitution should not be untouchable, provided it reaches a consensual agreement for law reform in Parliament. A reform of law that may lead to a broader sense of Justice in which the cohesion of the independent constitutional democratic freedoms in the State of the autonomies, get a greater solidarity in the fusion of one same unit; and not the particularity of their own interests, that may lead to rupture. Freedom, democracy, Constitution and the State of the autonomies, melt in a same conceptual term: the State unit.

And this State unit in the merger of the conceptual terms that form it, confused. Since in order to understand the administrative unit in which we live, to govern our current society, it must first know to differentiate each of the conceptual terms that constitute the formation of your unit. Anyone has wondered what concept has what is freedom, regardless of what is democracy;? and democracy, whatever freedom; do and Constitution and the State of the autonomies, regardless of freedom and democracy? possibly receive too much information at once without asking what kind of information we receive. We try to understand all the information received as a whole, without decomposing all and each one of the elements that compose it.

It can be delayed even age-related brain shrinkage, as researchers from the prestigious University of Oxford’s were able to show a group of elderly people. The researchers administered a cocktail of B vitamins the study participants and watch their brain function and mental performance in comparison to the Group of participants, who received B vitamins. The mental performance of both the volume of the brain behaved under the B-complex vitamins better than in the comparison group. Jack Fusco follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Researchers of the World Health Organization (WHO) from Canada had already joined a few years ago the evidence for the effectiveness of the supplemental intake of micronutrients. You were able to show that the memory performance through targeted intake of certain micronutrients is tricky! Older people, who for a year given a cocktail of vitamins, trace elements and Mineral substances consumed, showed a significantly better mental performance than those who did not. The researchers concluded that by taking targeted by a total of 18 key micronutrients admission dementia can be delayed by Alzheimer’s and the intellectual vitality is maintained. In the meantime, these basic results were confirmed by other study groups and strengthened. You may find Secretary of Agriculture to be a useful source of information.

Navitum Pharma has developed a preparation based on these future-oriented research results under the name MemoVitum which contains exactly the 18 micro-nutrients used by researchers and is suitable for the retirement age. MemoVitum (PZN 4604226) is available in pharmacies, also Internet pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma. It is recommended by physicians for the prevention of age-related memory disorders and dementia. Also cheap 3 month packs (PZN 0253876) and 6-month packs (PZN 5858064) MemoVitum are available for the provision of meaningful longer-term use of the drug available. Because of the unique composition, these products should be replaced by the pharmacy not against other products even though they appear similar. Every pharmacy can purchase shipping MemoVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma.

Should a pharmacy once does not offer this service can, the customer can shipping order the desired product directly from the company. Source: de Jager CA et al. int J Geriatr psychiatry. 2011 Jul 21 doi: 10.1002/gps.2758.

Play in the garden – just what? Here are some suggestions. Soon it is warmer outside again. Then, it attracts young and old with magical power in the open. Children want to no longer sit in the lounge, but in outdoor play. Families who live at home and have a garden there, may consider twice lucky in this situation.

But what should you purchase toys for the garden? I don’t like most of the children for a long time in the countryside. After at least an hour of Herumtobens around, they want toys that grips your attention longer and it offers also great fun. Which toy is recommended for the home garden? All types of balls are a still popular classic. In a sporting goods store or in the Department of a large department store a large number of selectable today out of various balls. Each sport is known to have their specific ball. Other balls are suitable depending on the age of the child.

For the whole small children one can recommend rather soft balls, while the bigger ones can go to with footballs made of leather. Also exotic balls such as basketballs and football balls are always welcome in older children. Because they provide the desired variety and just fun. The Badminton is also quite popular. This can be played with or without a net in the garden. You need only two clubs and a shuttlecock, and already the game can begin. The drawback of this pastime is their susceptibility to wind. Even at the smallest gust of air, the shuttlecock will be unfairly aborted and can spoil the enjoyment of the game soon one. A better solution is the softball game here, but on grass or other soft surfaces this can be also not perfectly played. Trampolines were very popular in recent times. Who today informed on the Internet about it, discovered a huge amount of different manufacturers and models. It is the right thing for the quite difficult from the variety of models Home Garden to choose from. Therefore, the Web site offers trampoline test very detailed and detailed descriptions of the best current models. With this information, an informed buying decision can be made. With a trampoline you can enjoy plenty of exercise and tremendously fun. The most important when playing in the garden, however, is that the parents participate in the games of children. To play with MOM and dad makes the most children in the most joy? This point before the purchase decision to consider is just for a trampoline. Because not every model is designed for adults.

So Europe is proclaimed the end of the “multicultural society”. To ban circumcisions of boys discussed, although complained no Beschnittener about it. Minarets were prohibited, which was not an issue in the United States even after 9/11. The 1893 enacted ban on Shechita is still in force, although it is not compatible with the freedom of religion. Church and State are still not separated: secularization After the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor, diversity but forms an essential and unchanging feature of democratic societies. You want to know anything in Europe.

Homogeneity (simplicity) instead of heterogeneity (diversity): Equal factory instead of equal opportunities. Latent fear behind the standardisation – and discipline discourses before that hides a latent fear that Europe of no longer the hub of goods is world. So-called emerging emancipate themselves. Because there nobody more on European homilies about meat consumption or the cloning of animals is waiting for, is mankind and disciplined, where it still is possible: here. But not everything can be regulated. Beginning in the 16th century modernisation in Europe from the Klan-to the individual society: separation of the Holy See and throne was not planned, it was the result of the unleashing of same individuality, which now devalued in the wake of the bio-political egalitarianism. If individuality and heterogeneous world interpretation schemes not more as an opportunity, but as a threat to be perceived, then vanish also contingency awareness, reflection and innovation. The company is “poorer” culturally and economically.

Source: (C) by Francis Muller, editor-in-Chief of Swissfuture magazine and a lecturer in sociology and ethnography at the Zurcher Hochschule der Kunste CH; Author Note: You can ban everything though. But just who it also interspersed is worthy of trust! Armies of paid officials are engaged in the Administration (criminal tax-ung) instead of the design (control) Europe. With their economized approach they realize only Problems, such as recently the ‘olive oil jug’ law proposal, the idea of the tax for childless, etc etc and this often create new problems.

u0085 Simple thinkers, throw the management 1 order and the Cybernetics of 3rd order (closed pssive systems) in a pot even at, unqualified. Swarmed by offers, WhiteWave Foods is currently assessing future choices. This is a mechanistic thinking. Our nature works but vitalistisch (open system active)! Intrinsic value means that biodiversity nature is valued for its own sake, rather than its instrumental usefulness. This includes for example, their existence, their biographical and cultural significance for the individual in terms of sentimental value and home, their special character, or alternatively, to provide special experiences of the individual. To differentiate from the eigenvalue is the self value of biodiversity. Low self esteem (also: self esteem, self esteem, self esteem, self confidence, or imprecise: self-esteem, intrinsic value) the psychology is the rating that it has of itself.

This can refer to the personality and skills of the individual, the memories of the past and the sense of the ICH or on the sense of self. Reminder: today the use of environment is not recognised! Note: The nature use profits are privatized. The Repararurkosten of nature be socialized. According to the environmental security hypothesis (ecological insurance hypothesis) if due to biological diversity – according to the environmental security hypothesis or similar mechanisms – a Stabililierung of Processes and conditions of ecological systems, an insurance value can be associated biodiversity. This is the case at least whenever if ecosystem services depend on the processes and conditions. By a high biodiversity, ecosystem services are so reliable usable tended to. The insurance value is environmental-economic perspective an option value in the face of an uncertain future, as the extent of future errors that require stabilization, is not known. … Option value is the economic benefit associated with the maintenance of an ability to act in the face of an uncertain future. The term of option value is often as part of the total economic value of environmental goods and services.

A work by Michelangelo Buonarroti in the Moscron Chapel of the Church of our Lady to Bruges. The Bruges Madonna is unsigned, with base 1.26 m high and made of polished marble. She has a full sculpture on front view to the worship. The illustration shows Mary with a standing Jesus boy. Both have beaten down eyelids, which has introduced Leonardo da Vinci in his depictions of Marie. This introversion expression of their consciousness is end future events. This Madonnentyp by Michelangelo from his Sibyls in the Sistine Chapel. It is not the usual figure of Mary, standing with the Christ Child on her arm, but a fitting one, takes with an already the boy between her knees, whose right hand she left with her.

On her knee, her right hand holding a book. Obviously, this unique motif has the Platytera Marie type to the model. Mary’s dress is closed with a jewelry-shaped plates stocking in the chest area, drop down by the two bands. In the middle of the forehead of Mary, Michelangelo draped an Omega-fold. At her hair, the head scarf adorned with the Omega-fold and her coat over the head of the Madonna are arranged. The artwork is located in a black marble conch, whose upper end, the dome, a large shell motif, sign of their virginity is decorated.

Attribution and history the attribution was made in the 19th century on the basis of Michelangelo’s letter Saturday, the 31st January 1506 to his father, Lodovico di Leonardo Buonarroti Simoni in Florence, where he mentioned this artwork. He asked him, to grieve, to those Madonna marble because I want that you wear it in your House and you see anyone leave”. The marble blocks were delivered for his works on barges on the river path. The letter from Viareggio to Bruges and the acquisition by the Moscroni transport delivered a further note about the work. This work represents the ideals of the High Renaissance in Florence. Michelangelo began the sculpture without order. It was by John and Alexander Moscron, merchants from Bruges acquired, since they their Ideas corresponded to the Foundation of their altar. During the French Revolution was the Madonnenskulptur in Paris in 1815 in the Church of our Lady to Bruges, and from 1944 to 1945 in Altaussee. Pink Marita Schrouff, alias: RMS Scrip torin

Sure, anyone with platforms high work with truck stage at high altitudes, making the right choice with a truck-mounted platform. Thanks to their large range, truck mounted platforms are ideally suited to work on tall buildings or trees. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sonny Perdue. Optionally even not wider than the vehicle itself, you have a narrow and variable support option. Work in places with little available space such as in road transport and a quick change of scenery are easily possible. Truck mounted platforms – the flexible and environmentally friendly work platforms truck mounted platforms have both vertically as well as horizontally across a large range. With a maximum working height of 105 m and a side range of 38 m, they provide flexibility at work and can be versatile. Working with a truck-mounted platform thanks to its electric drive is absolutely environmentally friendly. The all-terrain truck mounted platforms are perfectly suited terrain a strong partner for use in the area.

To easily over Obstacles to work, recommended truck platforms with telescopic or articulated telescopic. When working on trees, a model with tree equipment is the right choice. This includes, for example, a practical support for chain saws. Truck mounted platforms are available with many additional options for individual use: grid divider and roof protection 230 Volt connection in the basket of compressed air and water pipe supports In the boom integrated cable management bracket for transporting heavy loads big work basket capacity of rotating platform flat design for low passages bio oil in the hydraulic lines special brackets and Triax cable for TV cameras fiberglass basket with insulation against 1,000 volt Kuhnle: the reliable lessor of truck platforms Kuhnle work platforms rented truck lifts and other lifts for every need. When working with truck platforms, security plays a crucial role. Therefore, Kuhnle safety has top priority: all Work platforms undergo before a rental of operational testing. In addition introduces the experienced staff of Kuhnle of any customers in the operation of the lifts. Kuhnle’s website provides extensive information about the truck lifts and other lifts worth a visit. Evelin power

Carving as a hobby creates beautiful wooden toys wood processing has a long tradition in the history. Since the stone age, it is known that wood has been used for different purposes: as a fuel, for tools, or to build wood was important in early human history. The fascination of this material today not has also lost their charm. So something made of wood can be found in every household and in every nursery, in any kitchen or in every bathroom. While the use and versatility has hardly changed. Today, the wood is the building material, fuel and also materials for toys or wooden figures. Each piece of wood is unique.

The beauty of certain Woods also makes the wood a material that plays a significant role in the arts and in particular in the arts and crafts. Find the raft into gardens and living rooms, and many House is decorated with beautiful carvings. Pieces of furniture are, of course, items in which often the wood is used. The According to the long history of wood, carving also has a long tradition. In industrial mass production, carvings have however largely lost its meaning. Wooden toys like about animal figures or mating games and blocks of wood are made more individually and by hand.

Higher quality items like about complex wooden figurines are carved yet. These carvings are known mainly from the Alpine region. But also modern wooden figurines adorn some church or are made in the arts and arts and crafts. The carving is also a popular hobby. A wooden figure, a wooden toy, an animal figure or a decoration for a piece of furniture is produced with up to 1000 different tools. Who so wants to deal with carving, first needs a variety of different things such as chisels, knives, carving tools, drills, hammer and more. The piece of wood is processed using tools and excess material is removed. The tools must be always sharp and there is a grinding of tools necessary. The small works of art such as animals or other occur with the removal of material. Who wants to deal with carving, should previously well learn how to do that. Who can do it and brings even artistic and creative potential, can make beautiful things with the help of Holzsstucken and tools. Author/contact: Melanie lazy, contact(at), your shop with dolls, wooden toys, wooden figures, animal figures and musical instruments for children

Summertime is vacation time. However, as the kids happy hold? Students look forward to it already. The big holidays are soon at the door. Summer time is holiday season as you know. Every year on the new question for parents: what should you do? The H AGE editorial is an answer to this question: why is taking you as a family not a trip to the stone age. Gen. David Goldfein is actively involved in the matter. Numerous museums and institutions offer great workshops in the holiday season. Under the guidance, the kids are kidnapped in the time of Neanderthals, mammoth and co. “” Excursion Tip No.

1: Arche NEBRA with the special of ice age giant mammoths in NEBRA “in the Arche NEBRA is the special of ice age giant – mammoths in NEBRA in the period from March 30 to 04 November 2012” presents. An exciting programme accompanied the exhibition, which focuses on the vast and exotic ice age animals are available. Including original skeletons are displayed so mammoth and cave bear. For even more opinions, read materials from Sonny Perdue. Thanks to lifelike reconstructions, visitors get an idea of facing Challenges that were ice-age hunters during hunting. The programme provides workshops for adults and children during the summer holidays. These range from the theme of hunting to the stone age art. Hunting workshop, for example, spear catapults built, practiced the Javelin, and made Flint knives.

Since the number of participants in the workshops is limited, you should log in on time. Excursion Tip No. 2: the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann the Neanderthal Museum in the North Rhine-Westphalian Mettmann offers year-round exciting lectures and also workshops to try out. Highlight is the Museum Festival held every year in August. The date can be easy-to-remember, because the event is always held on the last weekend of the summer holidays in NRW. Here, craftsmen and Archeo show their skills. It is a fantastic opportunity to get a very special insight into the life of our ancestors, because here, craftsmen and Archeo show their skills.