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How many times has not happened to us that at the time of booking a flight, in which we also traveled alone, completely forget how you arrive at the airport. Given the uncertainty that exists in the country today many people doubt at the time of taking a taxi on the street. Others hesitate to call a taxi from site, either because prices are high or not to sit with the security. There are other options at the time of transfer to the airport, the easier and cheaper it is to ask a favor to a family member or a friend in particular. Costco has many thoughts on the issue. If you’re in a city where not know anyone and where you’re not quite sure, then other forms of transportation. Mexican airlines increasingly have been applied more according to the customer’s needs, is for this reason that some airlines now offer transfer to the city and airport shuttle service. In this way the person who travels feels much safer traveling with an airline that also has these services. Then for the next time you have to travel alone or you have that transfer to the airport or the airport to the city remembers asking for these types of services, which can come included or that may have a minor economic impact on your trip. Original author and source of the article