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Fun is one of the nicest things in life there because people do to some extent de-stress and forget for a moment all the other things in life, mainly unpleasant in the way man to see the good in the fun, has created a wide variety of games and sports that are very useful for fun and distraction and spend pleasant moments. Thus in this article we mentioned one of these many forms of entertainment that has created the man that can be applied both as a game that is great for playing or as a competitive sport and so fun are the pins or they are known in some parts of the bowling world, in short as one wishes to call the bowling, with the ball and the joy that is generated when you knock down a lot of pine trees, is an excellent choice for a good time to entertain . Entering more on development than they are bowling, this is a sport that is played indoors, because they need special conditions to play properly and perfectly track the movement allowing the ball to the end where it collided with the pines. As has been mentioned several times before, the main idea of bowling is to knock down the cones and the higher the number, if possible all in the fewest number of attempts. The track that moves the heavy bowling ball, is a track that has a dimension of 19.20 meters in length and a width of 1.06 and has an approximate area of release of at least 4.60 meters .

For the place of bowling, use is made of long strips of American maple, and each tablet has a 27.17 and across the track there are 39 tablets, no clutch is now beginning to make use of tracks synthetic, which must be able to own brands like tablets all the players to be mindful when making the throws. As concerns the bowling ball, a heavy ball is spherical, which has three holes with the idea of allowing the player to have a better grip and thus can be launched with more power, the weight of the ball can go from 8 to 16 pounds and with a diameter of 218.3 mm. In regard to how to get points in bowling, for every pine that was felled, add one point to the player taking such action, without a clutch there are some circumstances in which this can occur otherwise, and their circumstances are: “Tear down all the pins in a single launch, which is called Chuza, where there are 10 points, more points are achieved in the following two releases. “Breaking down all the pines in the two releases that occur per shift, which is 10 points, more points are achieved in the next release.