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So, to help your child cope with hyperexcitability follows: – to reconsider their attitude to the child and realize that the cry of a hyperactive kid will get you nowhere. Aggression stuffed them into his mouth!). Remove all dangerous items, you save a lot of reason to worry about the safety of the baby. – Mom hyperactive toddler in the house to maintain a positive atmosphere, an atmosphere of peace and love. You should avoid watching tv, loud sounds.

– Hyperactive kiddies are very important to expend their energy. Therefore, you should walk a lot, and consider options for athletic clubs. Just keep in mind that even Training should not bear the emotional burden on the psyche of the child. Choose jogging, swimming. – If you plan to place a child in the garden, educators warn in advance about the nature of your baby to avoid denial of the kindergarten.

Be prepared for the fact that in the garden in the presence of strangers hyperactive child can hold back their emotions, and coming home to dump them. Think of these bursts of emotions calm. – Bedtime Child ventilate the room, the child should be cool. Light is better off. One of the newest methods of correcting the child's behavior is . as a method of psychotherapy brings good results, especially in childhood. Because a young child has no clear line between real life and fairy tales. Listening to the tale, the child is immersed in it, empathizes with the heroes of fairy tales and identifies himself with one of them. A accordingly, the child may learn the behavior fairy-tale hero. On this method and is based – listening to stories, the child receives the disposition to correct behavior, on the kindness and care. Interesting in this regard, the fairy tale whose author is Rushel Blavo. Rushel Blavo – d.m.n, professor, a practicing psychotherapist – is headed by St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of traditional medicine and music therapy. Tales Rushel Blavo sound in the performance of national stars of theater and cinema, and are accompanied by a unique healing music. Each tale has its own specifics. For example, stories read by Anastasia Melnikova give attitude of adults and children in the creation, constructive, finding the best ways to solve any issues. "Adults, like children, sometimes like to be offended, to demonstrate their displeasure, – says Rushel Blavo. – But so can complicate and aggravate anything, to drive himself to a standstill. It is unlikely that someone poses a similar purpose. How not to be at an impasse? How to get what you want? You must stay in constant dialogue with others, to be indulgent to their shortcomings and blunders, did not lose a sense of humor and self-irony. Our fairy tales give impetus to such interaction with the world. " After listening to a bedtime story, a hyperactive child just calm down and fall asleep, but may adjust their behavior and will be a little quieter for the joy of my mother. Keeping these simple tips, you will help your child cope with his psycho-emotional condition. Remember that attempts to bring a hyperactive child with physical punishment would lead to aggression and low self-esteem of the child.