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The sentence of this article belongs to Christ and is born of him when he went to preach to their land and most people were baffled by his wisdom, and who knew him and his family since childhood, so with that attitude, Jesus said “a prophet without honor except in his native place, relatives and members of his household.” While it is not my aim to compare to any of us with a prophet, I bring it up this sentence to make an analogy and understanding through the respective analysis, why we sometimes feel much pain at a particular situation, and where we can recognize that this phrase We fit like a glove. To which I develop this theme today is to understand, not the unknown that may eventually criticize either good or bad intentions, but to understand the actions of “those people” because we know and are in our immediate environment and we consider them “allies”, suddenly made a critical or cutting remark. That is, when you were on guard to cover the strokes come from the front, it appears that the rear and you who actually thought they were watching their backs, you see the blow that leaves them groggy. So to begin analyzing these situations, I must first list as examples of those who may receive such “cheap shots” that we expected. Secondly why assume they do, if in fact we start with a premise that not doing it for ill will. And thirdly, that is essentially why it is happening and why. When you develop these three points will begin to see their close relationship to the article entitled “The undercover work.