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With levels of competition that exist and the opening of markets, companies that are not highly competitive will tend to disappear quickly because their high cost of production and administrative. Automation allows us to improve the replicability of a process and make it much more reliable and productive.There are several aspects to consider before deciding whether or not we automate a process. Here are some that may be very useful to evaluate the project. The productivity of a process is strongly linked to the repetitiveness that note; in such a way that by automating, one of the main criteria to take into account is the reliability of the automation add to the process, and therefore the costs that can be folded. When we think of automate, the question isn’t so much whether we do it or not. Rather it is when and how to do so.

If we make a decision based on quality information it is virtually certain that we will have a good return on investment (ROI) and a good return on productivity (ROP), assesses the relationship cost-benefit taking into account what brainwashed training, personnel and capital, and remember what you will save on maintenance. It then evaluates the increase in productivity and calculates the time that will take you to recover capital and calculates the return on investment. Make a careful assessment of the best and the worst scenario here.Another important recommendation is to keep constant during the deployment provider communication, so you can do it quickly and easily. When they allocated the required time, you can protect yourself against any unexpected estimated between 20 and 25% of additional time.Once completed the project, it might be necessary to have spare parts for equipment and external advisory or training to our technical staff. Although this represents additional costs, the increase in productivity will compensate them immediately. Original author and source of the article