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Basketball – a game that in the early 21 th century play about 400 million registered players worldwide. 210 national federations is a member of fiba. Basketball – a fast, dynamic, attractive and entertaining game, where the bill is changed every minute and the game outcome may be unknown and-wall until the very last second. With the rise of sports skill instruction, individual-cial skill level of players is particularly significant role sporting judge. In preparing the judge's basketball special attention should be paid to the method of judging, ie, Interaction of judges on the plane-schadke, eye contact, location on the site. Pony attention officiating mechanics facilitates the judge his work on the plane-schadke. As you know, a basketball game two trial judges and the heads-GOVERNMENTAL fiba competitions, such as the Euroleague, three. Stop-Xia before the mechanics of the two judges.

Each judge has responsibility for certain areas on the site depending on the location of its locations. According to this, they are divided into leaders and followers. Leading sous-dya must meet the attack and placed behind the front line. He largely responsible for the actions of the players near the cor-zines and along the front line. As a rule, most contacts occur near the basketball players of the shield, so the burden falls on him big. Wingman considered to be a judge, witness the attack and positioning- attacking team in the position closer to the center line. He is responsible for violations of the players near the Central and sidelines the site, as well as for the game above the level of ring. All ten players who are on the court, should be in the field of view of judges as struggle to choose the best position on the court is not just a place where the ball, but also elsewhere in the site, for example: the selection of the ball after a throw, for a place near the ring, for passing the ball from a partner in the formulation of a screen partner, to release him from custody of the enemy.