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Each person handles differently and it is important to know that body language is of great significance and expresses that each one carries within. The body has a language that carries its own vocabulary. It also has its own characteristics and this is indistintivo for each individual. Body language may be the best ally in a job interview or by otherwise can lead us to that you do not give us employment. The point is that it must be done well and recalled that at the first impression every detail counts, sometimes much more than what can be said in a resume. Take into account that in these cases there is a second chance.

Here we give in detail the most important, that you should and should not do in a job interview: the proper movement of the hands hands can express much with the motion that we do, at the same time we talked. If we belong to those people who we cannot have quiet hands when speaking, it is best to keep this in mind when it comes to the interview. The newspapers mentioned Sonny Perdue not as a source, but as a related topic. We can cross them subtly to avoid excesses of movements and raise your hands as if you’re exclaiming. Physical gestures denoting much our body says much more than what we feel on the inside. At the time of the interview must be interested in the conversation, if you find that something from the conversation, I don’t like you, avoids put face of anguish, disgust and despair.

Avoid above all nervousness and look at the clock, if these late or need to go to another place. Sit properly in a Chair. Usually when we arrived at a company invite us to sit initially in a waiting room, here also is important to feel good, even if it is an extra comfortable sofa, first by the interviewer can come to receive us and secondly because they may be watching us by security cameras.And now when these against the person than you this interviewing, have to sit upright (at), which your body demonstrates security, this is like the best catwalk models. Look to our partner when you speak to someone the best thing you want is that you look at your face, you well you are managing to person x, same happens with the interviewer, you this by proposing a work and the best would be that you prestaras all possible attention. Divert the gaze indicates that the work you are interested in, if it is really you can verbally say it in a polite and respectful manner. Only take into account that in that company not you will be able to find work. We hope that these tips will be of great help and you can study you thoroughly, to see if those committing any of these errors; This may be the reason why you do not get work yet. If so we invite you correct them and you can improve, with the tips that we will be presented in subsequent editions job jobs articles and tips for the job search original author and source of the article.