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Also, there can be found racks, specially designated under the new book world. In large shops authors organize promotions and presentations on the release of their new works. They personally sign copies of new and respond to questions fans. This method of advertising works came to us from Europe but, despite this, the fine root in our society, which is always a heat applied to the literature. If you are thinking of buying a book, do not limit yourself to just shop. Purchase any literary work can be in online stores, as well as for you is always available free of charge library. In the online book stores also works as a conventional distributed on styles, trends and genres, so you will not be difficult to find the book you want and buy it. Filling out an easy form that is in a special section on the delivery and choosing a convenient form of payment, you will be able to quickly get her up.

Books in the virtual stores are often cheaper than the real ones. Also, these shops are always guaranteed reservation is not yet published literary novelties. Russian literature is world famous. It is our authors got a lot of fans around the world. A deep sense of Russian works, to still disturbs the minds of many people. But in addition to the Russian public remains indifferent writers domestic to foreign. Classics, contemporary fiction, fiction, poetry – all this attracts people for many years.

So Books will never lose its popularity and relevance, no matter what technological advances did not appear in the world. The popularity of literature every year, "fueled by" the ongoing trade fairs and exhibitions. In the framework of their common represent to the court audience of young, still of unknown authors. Also, have gained popularity and recognition of the publishers present their new items. Usually at such events are different genres – from scientific dictionaries, to artistic creations. Literature lovers should also choose a product. At any point of the globe can not find the person who would not love to interesting literature and not recalled to their favorite works, whether it be fairy tales or serious philosophical treatises. The stories about the amazing countries and islands, romantic story, magnetic poetry – this is what forms the character good taste and outlook of each individual. Without this foundation can not be coherent, intellectually developed person. And even despite the fact that more and more people are moving from paper-based to electronic, yet classic book does not lose its centuries-old charm. Contact with the white and crisp pages, smooth cover, the smell of printer's ink – all this brings unique experiences and satisfaction process of reading. These feelings can not replace any electronic "reader".