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Freixenet Carta Nevada Semiseco, Albarino 'Lagar de Cervera', Artadi Rioja Vina El Pison – for many years please fans of the noble beverage. Do not forget that smuggle alcohol is allowed in limited quantities. But turn it in his favor: choose only the best. Wine for a gift you poured into a leather wineskin or a beautiful jar. Extend the good mood of the trip, and also touch the Spanish culture of their loved ones, you will help the music. On a par with classical motifs, there are the modern trends. Choosing a disc with the music note on the bone – two concave plate-shells, which are interconnected string.

They say that playing them soothing. Check on the neighbors! 🙂 Armed with castanets and flamenco with a drive, you can safely go home: a party in the Spanish style you provided. Fans can purchase souvenirs statuettes of bulls in Spain. The Bulls are known to be victims of bullfighting. They are a symbol of Spain. You can find them everywhere, so they will not stop.

And, of course just a fan! Spanish fans – it's something bright, light and impressive. There is a local legend. Several hundred years ago, a Spanish princess was so keen on collecting the fans that came up with the original test for their grooms. For someone who can give her the most beautiful fan, she promised to marry. A master of the fans, while, oddly enough, it was a little bit. So, all suitors rushed to the assistance of the famous master, but he, thinking himself decided to try his luck. Produced a fan of gold, decorated it with loose stones and gave the princess. She liked the gift. And she has fulfilled her promise. And so, with the help of an ordinary fan, you can find your destiny! 🙂 But even if the marriage in your plans do not include (or already has?), You still get it: even if he will not be used for saving its owner in hot weather, you will be able to bring home Spanish flavor. This journey will bring lots of positive emotions. And, sitting on a plane, you say: Hasta luego! Close your eyes. Flamenco guitar and percussion sounds for a long time will burn in your heart. And next, the baggage, racing through miles of wind, will have to wait meetings with people you love gifts, selected with great warmth