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Rajoy, affirmed that he hopes that the Government takes measures to avoid that the problems caused by the weather return to take place Instead of to justify itself, to say that everything became what could Letters to the Director: Disculpas Disculpas to the authorities to have to me bold to visit daughter in the Basque Country the day of Christmas Eve Llevaba necessary chains but was not . Please does not deceive more to us, the unique thing than we asked is just a little bit of efficiency if we grasped ourselves well! J.P.C. The WORLD 29/12/04 Fomento studies to prohibit that the cars without chains circulate the minister recognizes that the action in the highways during the weather was insufficient Rajoy asks the Government who stops justifying itself. The PP demands the resignation of the chief of a main directorate of Civil defense. Without chains you do not lead.

Something thus is evaluating the Ministry of Public Works and the Economy, bored to critics by the circulatory chaos of the last native weather. The additional measures arrive later when the Ministry assured that it is studying the viability of a system that, in situations of snow and ice, does not allow to circulate to the heavy trucks nor to cars that do not take chains. The initiative has much to do with theses of the director of civil defense that blamed additional measures Among others appear the establishment of a network of parking of heavy vehicles in certain strategically important points .a the Secretary of State of Security To Camacho asked to him for the complaints of many conductors by the shortage of Civil Guards during the days of the collapse. M: Rajoi showed that in the first case of these characteristics that it has had to confront the socialist Government, it has given a sample of quite evident inefficiency, .sobre todo by which when the previous Government committed an error made all luck of accusations the Spokesman of the PP in the Senate, Jose Joaquin Pearrubia, only affirmed that desvergenza and.