Thirty2 Degrees

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The film starts with a great glacier layer in Antarctica being divided to the way causing an immense accident in the glacier. The climatologista alert Jack to the governing on an ambient catastrophe, of approximately 100 years, but it is not heard. In the esccia in the center of climatic research buoy 4311 detects a temperature of 13 degrees plus them believes that only it was a defect. The catastrophes had started to cause: sleet, hurricanes and much snow. When the son of Jack that if calls Sam had fond of the New York with its friends for the pertaining to school competition already gave itself to notice that the animals already felt the future catastrophe. Jack in its house the night received a linking from professor Tony Rapson who says that one of the buoys suffered a temperature from 13 degrees and it affirms that they had found that it was a defect and Jack says that it did not find that he would happen so early. In Los Angeles it starts to appear a series of become forts after that destroy building houses automobiles and until the signboard of Hollywood. Jack affirms that the melting of calotas polar adds to an enormous amount of water candy in the oceans and breaches the balance of the chains that stabilize the climatic systems, it also says that these catastrophes go to get worse.

In New York gigantic waves they imundam the city the majority of the citizens try to take refuge itself for the library for better survival. It is not something Carrier would like to discuss. After much time of catastrophes the population runs away for the south to move away from the grating layer all from snow covering the hemisphere north. Jack leaves in search of the son but it distrusts of that Sam would not have survived, when arrives if almost all cover for the snow scares when seeing the library. It enters in the library and is with great relief that finds its son alive, although to have died thousand of people. After to know that they had found a group of survivors the president of U.S.A. announces that it will order to rescue all the survivors of the hemisphere north. ' ' The film shows the global heating provoking the cooling global' '.