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Introduction the intention of the present work is to approach some of the reflections carried through in classroom during the course History and Memory: historiografia and narrative in order to construct an agreement you arrive in port concerning them theoretical. More info: Jack Fusco. From the reading of texts and the agreement of the thought of some authors, exponents in the questions of History and Memory, objective to establish a common line enter this subject with too much social sciences, such as sociology and science politics, among others. The used methodology was the comparison of the texts read displaying in an only document the main ideas on the inherent aspects to the great area that is the Memory. se your knowledge. The work uses as source the material supplied the quarrels in classroom and also other texts that had served of support to the understanding of the concepts. For the construction of the text, first it is tried to define what it would be the boarded memory for such authors. After that the work occupies of the subjects that compose the picture of studies of the Memory, such as the categories of the memory (voluntary? involuntary), the ressentimentos and the esquecimento. Other subjects are boarded with uncurling of the work. The fact not to appear as a sub-heading does not mean necessarily that these have a lesser importance that the cited others above.

Finally it is approached function of the historian in the treatment of this material. All this subject constitutes a newness for the author of this work that if does not consider competent to develop a critical one based enough of the thought of the studied authors. However, valley to stand out that the work plays a basic role for the development of the analytical capacity beyond exciting a reflection on the estimated worked theoreticians. Memory the memory is the substance cousin of the historian.