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I must confess that necessity of love! That necessary of one I hug in cold nights and a cup of hot chocolate. That necessary of true smiles, of that we only know to take off of somebody. That necessary of histories and a kiss on the forehead before sleeping. That necessary of a company in one to put of the sun, to go up in a mountain and to feel the light breeze, to look at the horizon and to the side it can have somebody. I must confess that necessary of loving recadinhos, messages, and emails. That necessary of affection, soft touches, looks. That necessary of attention to speak of loves that I could not live, of looks that never I will forget, them my deeper desires. That necessary of a warm comment to calm my hurts, my tensions, my fears. A shoulder to hold me. To look at to the side and only to smile saying that I go to be well. That necessary of kisses that if incase perfectly to mine. Read more here: Ben Affleck. That necessary of somebody to divide the bizarre moments most complex and of my life. That to risk necessary me, to run, to smile, to jump, to play to amuse, me, to have wild moments, to tan, to place all the kept energy are. I must admit that the solitude is cruel the times, even so makes in them to reflect to learn and to grow. But I must confess that nobody makes in them so happy, that nobody can cure a wound of what so well a true love. I must confess that I feel lack of you now!