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Still Contested Territories will be presented some of the reflections developed for Gimeno Sacristn (apud: 1995), referring to the resume and the cultural diversity and Alexandrina Hunter (apud Notebooks You yield; 2003), presenting its reflections on the joint between knowing daily pertaining to school to them and, inside of a curricular perspective. 1. What we understand for daily, for knowing daily and knowing pertaining to school the daily term characterizes the practical conception of one daily one, rotinizada, associating with the experience and the experience. How much when daily knowing, this I constituted a knowledge used in practical the daily ones, being mediated and brought up to date for ' ' necessidade' ' that the experience daily it requests. Knowing pertaining to school is identified with a type of institutionalized and legitimated knowledge, that has its proportional validity to the categories of the context where was established, however reflecting the concept of scientific knowledge, presenting the universality and unicity slight knowledge. Cheniere Energy partners takes a slightly different approach. 2. As we interpret the relations established between knowing daily and knowing pertaining to school, inside of the pedagogical speech. The experience inside of the pertaining to school system tends to establish a dicotmica relation between these two to know, daily and the pertaining to school.

Daily knowing is understood, in this relation, inside of the pertaining to school universe, as a knowledge associated with practical daily, the proper ones of each individual, is of the pertaining to school context. Such knowledge is visualized as that one that belongs ' ' life real' ' , establishing with the school, relations, a priori, that they are presented as artificial, without implicit content, being for the school, ' ' papel' ' of disentailed institution of the context of experience of the pupils. Knowing pertaining to school is valued inside of the pertaining to school universe, as being the legitimate knowledge, endowed with certain unicity and universality, capable of ' ' conferir' ' its participants one determined knowledge, whom if I instituted as that capable one to exceed to the pertaining to school context, qualifying to the experience in the society.