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When on September 1 2006 in all countries of the EU it was launched the plan to replace traditional incandescent bulbs by so-called low consumption lamps, many experts reacted so sceptical. In fact, the list of disadvantages of these light sources supposedly more sophisticated, turned very long the creation of interference in the electrical system, sensitivity to heat and cold, incompatibility with brightness of light, slow boot, blinking, zoom controls. But the most serious disadvantage of this source of light turns out to be the presence of mercury. The omnipresent mercury mercury is absolutely essential to make energy-saving lamp work says Andreas Scherer, expert of the Centre for management of renewable energies in Bingen (Germany). A lamp without mercury, is a lamp that cannot function occurs by energy saving lamps which are called compact fluorescent lamps are gas discharge devices. If you have read about A. F. Chief of Staff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In other words, its luminous energy source is a download electric as in a fluorescent lamp. And if same, discharge emits light in the ultraviolet spectrum, and they are the luminophores lining the inside of the lamp, who transformed that UV light into visible light. However, so inside the lamp can cause a shock electric, in this heavy metal vapors should be, and the mercury here is the absolute leader.

A standard energy saving lamp contains 3 to 5 milligrams of mercury, and however, this metal is extremely toxic, and is an extremely hazardous substance. Mercury vapor is especially dangerous for the health. This means that damaged fluorescent lamps can not be thrown to the dustbin need a special recycling. However, many consumers don’t even imagine it is Andreas Scherer complains because it usually on the packaging there is no indication that these products are dangerous for the environment. People come to the stores, they pick up the cheap, and not even think what are their homes. Problems of infrastructure the results are disappointing.