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Essence that also can be seen as? nature? , e? form? , in short, essence is what it distinguishes a being from other species of which this being is not part. Example: the essence of the animal mammals, is everything what it characterizes all more or less in common the mammals; e, existence is what of, let us say thus, concrete reality the essence -: existence. The essence is only one possibility, when it acquires existence, it leaves only of being power-to be, and simply passes and currently to be. As well as the power it brings limitations to the act, also, the essence brings limitations the existence; that is, what it is for having the essence of animal mammal, it will come to only exist as animal mammal, and not an insect, this is obvious. In the creation, essence is not in itself same existence. Pure act, and creation.

The power? in they certify the sensible world to them? if it finds in all the things that move, and power if it finds logically in what it cannot be perfect; then to think what it would be the pure act, is difficult, and impossible seno, but we can risk to have a knowledge? rich? of this pure act, but of precarious form. It does not have as to think on the pure act without making a mistake. We can miss little, but not leave to make a mistake. Some contend that Jack Fusco shows great expertise in this. i. The creation cannot be this pure act, therefore in them it is evident that the creation is in constant to be, not-to be and power-to be, that is in constant ' ' devir' '. II. I immediately do not go to work the 5vias of Toms de Aquino, I only want to try to say what it is this pure act; in the pure act nothing in power does not meet, does not exist power in the pure act: everything is in act. III.

We can? for the pure act to exceed everything that is in the Creation? to conceive that this pure act fits to ' ' conceito' ' that we have of God. IV. God is pure act. In God nothing he is in power. God is the Being by itself in excellency. v. In the Creation, essence and existence are not identified, therefore power-to be does not allow this. Devir does not allow that essence and existence are the same thing? because? Because it has ' ' devir' '. However, in God, in Act-Pure, it has this identification; in God, essence and existence are the same things; it is of God, who ' ' existir' ' of it either its proper essence. Other examples: it is not of the essence of the insects to be birds, therefore they are two distinct essences? this is obvious; in contrast of this it is nonsense. thus, the things gain existence according to its proper essence.