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Completely eliminated the loss of heat related to transport it. Sewerage and water supply, the construction of houses can also be autonomous. Prefabricated house from structurally insulated panels are more one hundred years. They can withstand temperature extremes from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees, the maximum snow loads, hurricane wind speed of 250 mph and earthquakes eight points. They can live comfortably even in the most extreme environmental conditions.

Construction of houses and other buildings of these sandwich panels is actively conducted in all regions of the tropics to the Arctic latitudes. Over the past few years the number of homes constructed from this material has doubled. Structurally insulated panels – the fastest construction technology being introduced worldwide. Some facts about CTS Ready structurally insulated Panel (SIP) has several dimensions that correspond to standard sizes oriented particle board, namely the width of the 1200 or 1250 mm and lengths from 2500 to 6000 mm. Thickness of panels varies from 125 to 224 mm, depending on their destination and climatic conditions of the construction. For heat-performance 15 centimeter wall of structurally insulated panels exceed 150 centimeter wall of bricks. Sandwich panels with a thickness of at home in 30 centimeters, even without heating, do not freeze in the strongest arctic frost. Weight per square meter panel is an average of 17 pounds.

The modular design is easily stored and easy to carry up to construction sites. When combined into a single panel building system, they create a very strong structure that withstands horizontal load up to 700 kilograms per square meter and a vertical up to 7 tons per meter. The panels were successfully held extensive tests on fire. They are made so that even in case of fire, do not give the fire spread to the building. KTP offer unlimited opportunities for design for both residential and non-residential buildings.