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Race to the maximum acceleration of direct short stretch of road has come to a professional auto and motorcycle with the empty nighttime streets, where drivers, figuring out who is steeper prove their ambition for speed. The charm of the Russian drag racing is in the recent past, the semi-legal. From traffic lights to traffic lights 402 meters (quarter mile) – the classic distance for drag racing – the pair of linear acceleration in the race. It is believed that not even a quarter of a mile equal to the distance between intersections and designating their traffic lights on the streets of American cities, where it appeared the match, which is called drag racing today. In addition to the length of 402 meters, in drag racing there is a distance a half-mile (804 meters) and 1 / 8 mile (201 meters).

The last period is more often used in a class of junior competitions. Shoot from a traffic light to traffic light with the most rapid acceleration was initially though exciting, but illegal occupation. And so with the popularization of drag racing scene has shifted to special tracks – solitary straight roads with a smooth hard surface – asphalt or concrete. And of traffic police were not able to repair obstacles a young sport. On both sides of the road at a safe distance are high fenced platform. A pair of motorcycles or cars are at the start of a routine engine, rear tires and stalled melt. Racers are expected allowing traffic light (a tribute to the past?) And the green light to rush to the finish line, and from the exhaust pipes are pulled out the flames.