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Dropshipping is ideal for all those people who want to begin in the electronic commerce and they do not have the possibility economic to store physical products to sell them by Internet and to send them to the final consumer. The way as dropshipping works you I am going it to illustrate in the following example: We suppose that you want to sell a camera in e-bay, free trade, or anywhere of auction and you consider that a very competitive price is of 200 dollars more expenses of shipment, some interested person buys the camera, you the payment, soon you look for your dropshipper or wholesale that it has the camera that you sold. The payments, for this example we suppose that dropshipper it sells the camera in 100 dollars but expenses to you of shipment, then your gain would be of 100 dollars Brilliant! Which are the advantages to use the Dropshipping system? 1. – The budget that you must have to begin is very under so that when not having to store merchandise, not to contract to the premises and personnel to pack products to be sent to final consumer, will ahorr much money to you. On the other hand a great part of dropshippers or wholesalers will not receive to contract their services to you, will be others they do if it, but will be one couta minimum by unique time, or of annual form or by life. 2. – He is not necesrio to have stored products. 3.

– The fulfillment of entraga of the product is on the part of dropshipper. 4. – Minimum purchases when dropshipper are not required, so him you will only be able to buy a single product if it is necessary. Which are the disadvantages to use the Dropshipping system? 1. – If you wish to sell products in e-bay, free trade, or in many classified pages of, the policies of these pages do not allow you to sell physical products that you do not have in your hands, but the reality is that many people who use dropshipping, sells in these pages so that his dropshippers is reliable, serious and will give the product to the consumer.

2. – Insufficient knowledge of the product. When not having the product that you are selling in your hands, you do not know its basic characteristicses, etc, reason why if your possible buyer gets to ask something to you on the product that wants to buy, perhaps you do not know to answer suitably. 3. – The unique person in charge before your client or buyer only you are, if your dropshipper it remained without stock, by mistake sent a product that was not, the unique person who will give ” cara” to your client and you will try to solve agln to him inconvenient you will be. In order to avoid these reliable, serious problems you will have to find dropshippers, verified, to find this type of wholesalers you can in entering Here is a page in English with different serious product categories of Dropshippers. This list of Dropshippers has a cost of 67 dollars, but the investment and with the security is worth the pain of which you will not have problems with your clients. 4. – If you sell products in e-bay, free trade, etc, you will find much competition reason why there is an impressive war of prices. In order to avoid this problem he is recommendable that you have your own virtual store in Internet.