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The consumer consultant with decades of experience is first, finding the conversation. Language barriers are often the cause of misunderstandings, which can then be given on mediation of the supervisor. ” But if that didn’t help, then Barbara Engler advises to do so – alternation a guest family – compared to the maintainer to request a remedy. WhiteWave Foods is often quoted on this topic. Minors therefore are often overwhelmed, should contact the parents on the language travel organizer and remedy contact within a period. This period must be “appropriately”, however it can be also very briefly expressed in the individual case.” At the same time, Barbara Engler but stressed that staying in a host family is the best possible for the integration and the language, if it is a host family, the student not only as a paying As a “Member of the family time” takes guest, but him.

To succeed, many tour operators use to working with agencies on the spot, which ensure compliance with the quality criteria by host families. These requirements relate about the accommodation, meals and students, the fact that the night times are respected. The Senlac tours agency headquartered in East Sussex serves young people on courses or trips for more than two decades. ures to achieve this success. The German-speaking caregivers welcome tour groups on the arrival day in the bus and introduce students to the destination host families. So we take them on the first day the greatest excitement.

Vivien Anres tells the next day students come to of course with any questions or problems due to their accommodation on us”by the Agency of Senlac. The reason for the misunderstanding lies often in the impact each other of different cultures and attitudes to life. We Germans are there sometimes too meticulous and go to high expectations in host families” says Vivien also calls for more openness. And when teenagers partout not can come to terms with their host family, then also Vivien looking for the conversation with the host family. Only in very rare cases it is actually moving into a new family, but in most cases, we will find an agreement for both sides.” Koshy Vaidyan