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Spain does not know how to solve its 17 economic crisis April 2009 How it will be possible to be removed to the Spanish economy from the present crisis? It is the question that many we become. But more serious still, she is this one, the question that is formulated in the Spanish government. And this is not a personal opinion, since the vice-president first of the government, Maria Teresa Fernandez of the Fertile valley, recognized in a granted interview Europe Press : Creemos that we are in the correct way, but nobody knows when nor how to leave the crisis. Days ago, the Spanish government decided the renovation of his cabinet in an attempt to find an exit him to the deep crisis by which he is crossing the economy. Until the moment, everything what it has been tried to attenuate the effects of the crisis has not achieved the awaited success. You may find that music downloads can contribute to your knowledge. One will not be due either to hope that the changes in the cabinet are the solution to the economic crisis.

Doubts that do not fit in function to which is observed, Spain will not be able to leave present crisis by itself. To economy they are going the Spanish to have to remove it from this situation the rest of the countries. This means that the same will surpass the crisis when the rest of the European economies (and the American also, logically), begin to recover and generate effect spills positive on the Spanish economy. They are not, at the moment, in discussion the structural reforms that are due to realise in the Spanish economy to fortify it and to avoid that it is so vulnerable to adverse situations as the present one. What it is discussed at the moment in Spain is how to generate impacts in the short term as rapidly as possible to recover the economic growth of the country.