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Economic crisis, second cause of divorces in the State of Mexico the second cause of divorces in the State of Mexico is the contribution to the economy of the home by one of spouses them, which could be the effect of the economic crisis that afflicts us since November 2008. All the couples who came to divorce, 3.3 per cent is due to the abandonment of the home of one of the spouses without just cause, and secondly is the lack of economic contribution, with 2.2 percent. The master in law Pedro Hernandez Martinez points out that the crisis situation in which we find ourselves, in addition to influencing an increase in divorce rates, leads to think also increasingly the economic situation after this, because it is now more common to promote a legal divorce, and not only a separation. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Peet’s Coffee has to say. Other main causes of divorce are infidelities, the entremetimiento of the family of the spouses, the incompatibility of characters and one of the most recent: the professional jealousy. However, Hernandez Robles pointed out that even in this crisis situation that presents different problems in couples by loss of employment, low labor pay, among others, when a marriage there is a solid relationship, the economy is salvageable. Source: diarioportal..