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The knowledge of the population is essential for the economic planning and the accomplishments of public politics of a country. The demography is essential for the delimitation of the scale of the births and the deaths or, in other words, the natural trajectory of the population. But also it is from the study of the population in the school that the pupil discovers characteristics, traces, formation, among others of its country, helping to identify its place in the world and understanding in part what it is if to become a citizen of a country. We wait that this article elaborated from the reality lived deeply in the period of training can express the reflections on the subject, therefore as future professionals of the teaching, understand that, in the perspective of the pupils, the lessons are tiring, therefore what she prevailed was the disinterest of the same ones for the contents. Thus, we wait to contribute, of some form, so that as many professors how much pupils, can reflect on different ways to teach and to learn the geographic contents. In this in case that the best option were the diversity of didactic instruments to keep the interest of the focados pupils, but without exageros not to transform the mere lessons into shows, where everything is shown to the pupils, but running the risk to leave of the most important side that it is to educate for the full exercise of citizenship.